Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chavismo paratroopers

So today about 300 hundred students tried to go to the CNE, Venezuelan electoral board, a.k.a Electoral Ministry, to present complaints and requests on the electoral abuse of the regime. Not that anyone was expecting Chavez election minister Tibisay Lucena to comply, but it would have been nice for a change that she dispatched a secretary to receive the letter. Or at least earlier than what she eventually did.

Sure enough the march was intercepted. But not by the police or the Nazional Guard, by Tupamaros who are no better than storm troopers.  The march did not make it to the CNE. At this time 4 injuries are reported.

It is not idle to note that PSUV representatives NEVER have any trouble to reach the CNE offices whereas for opposition representatives it must be done discretely, off peak hours, preferably through back doors, if received at all. Tibisay Lucena gets obfuscated when State Department officials suggest that the CNE could act with more transparency. The regime went as far as suspending "talks" because Jacobson words were considered an interference. Worry not, Venezuela oil keeps flowing uninterrupted to the US since it is the last client left that pays in hard cash, and on time. They may be commies but they like greenbacks.

Of course, in Venezuela Tibisay is not obfuscated anymore, so used is she to give us the finger, or send paratroopers to quell native's unrest.


  1. Nebelwald1:06 AM

    It seems to me that the fact this entry has not provoked any response is that we have become jaded about are "normality". Of course ... what could we have expected, bouquets of roses? Such is life under the Regime.

    1. And yet it got more unique visitors than posts with comments....

      The thing is that I have learned long ago that some posts are complete or definitive enough not to elicit comments.


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