Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chavez trek

They placed Chavez in the old barracks turned Military museum. The S.O. went. It is a trek  you need to go through rather bad neighborhoods, or go up a steep staircase. And when you reach the place  you cannot take pictures anyway. Yet, there are some pictures on the way to the museumified Chavez.

Up! Up! To Chavez we go!

This is what awaits you, including that 4F sign reminding you Chavez hour of infamy that they try orwelliangly to transform in high glorious feat. Scat pants and all?
Also, note the brown/beige shirt and arm band..............

Another angle of the line

The faithful.


  1. Siempre bueno ver fotos,

    gracias al S.O.

  2. While the rumors continue, they were intense, yesterday, regarding the 'entierro de Chávez en Barinas'. One student journalist even asking Patricia Poleo for proof. [Must be that "arrogant" middle class acting up again... ;-)]

  3. Way off topic but the faithful babe 2nd from the foreground on the last photo got some damn serious muscle going on. Or maybe I'm wrong, this has happened before.

    Excellent photos, steep hills, I can see why the military chose the ground they did.

  4. Anonymous1:12 AM

    If they can't embalm him, can't they stuff him and put him in the museum like in Planet of the Apes?

  5. Anonymous5:35 AM

    In the good old days everybody came to see that Edward the Black Prince or Pedro the Cruel or others were really dead. It would last for months and making a big stink! So far we have yet to see a picture of himself laying in state and those with issue or those without, testifying that it is so. At this point I will take your SO's (got a better name for him like Pierre or Jean Paul or something?) for it.
    The last photo is interesting. Like Shakira sez, the hips don't lie. I would not want to bet what gender that butt belongs to considering who took the picture!

  6. That building is hideous.


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