Thursday, March 07, 2013

Cry, my beloved country

That is all that is left to you.

Today has to be one of the most awful days that we have had since El Surpemo reached power, and there have been quite a few of those dreadful days. Maybe today we need only miss those scores that crime targets every day, every single day. After all, the only death that mattered to us all has taken place two days ago. But what we lost today was any pride that our forefathers ever tried to build for us. Today is the final triumph of the  vulgarity that chavismo is and wanted us to become.

The beloved leader of the masses, of those at least that are waiting in line for hours under the sun to see him dead, will be embalmed and displayed as a trophy in an anachronistic museum, to serve of lightning power rod to the mediocre thugs that are attempting to retain office at any cost, and any ridicule.

The mediocrity that would be had waited for their island master to arrive today and pay his respects, and settle the succession. The Constitution has thus been violated further, unrecognizable even by those who wrote it. I never liked that Constitution but I think it deserved better fate than toilet paper. The victims, but idiots nevertheless, stand in line praising the winning leash while mourning the old one.

The wake was prolonged for 7 more days, where it is expected that the country slows to a grind so that the new masters can secure everything and get rid of whatever they dislike. After all, they are counting, they explicitly said so, on the discretion of the independent voices during the long wake to be able to complete their deed in the dark.

We are left to cry, to help drown our decency pangs.


  1. Daniel,

    I share your sorrow, but I am also very angry.So many people have contributed to this, in small and large ways...people in and out of the country, Chavistas and Oppos alike,most Venezuelans, US Americans, other L Americans, Europeans, Chinese,Iranians, Cubans.etc etc.
    Many people have their guilt in the rape of Venezuela
    ... and what is happening in Venezuela is but a mirror of world wide problems.

    Instead of superficial meanderings about this and that, silly jokes and power struggles, it is my opinion that all of us should be engaging in a struggle to understand the deeper causes of what is happening,
    and NO it is not poverty.Poverty has been used to excuse it, but it did NOT cause it.

    Until we open our eyes , we will always be part of the problem and not the solution.

    Hang tight, the wave of insanity post Chavez has begun.I have locos hacking into my facebook threatening me already and believe me, in the world of politics I am nobody,and with much luck I will remain that way.But I am a voice who refuses to cower, and in this world that wants to limit freedoms,well you know the rest.The wonderful thing about growing old is that with it comes a greater sense of freedom.I hate to see the students risk their lives though.

    Stay safe dear friend.


  2. Milonga8:34 AM

    For those that read Spanish, ultimate hypocrisy editorial by a Paraguayan newspaper. Somehow, Firepigette's comments made me recall it. As her, I am also sad. I am also furious. And totally, totally depressed and feeling numb. And I don´t have to live it, only the embarassment of my government thanking Chavez's "generosity". Bastards!

  3. "In all at least 50 different countries were sending delegates for the funeral, Maduro said." All of the hypocrites, leeches for cheap oil, lying bastards and/or ignorants..

    Pretty much as nuestro "Pueblo" in the streets, Bribed with cheap gifts and corrupt positions, uneducated, clueless. Even away from Venezuela, it's truly sad to see a stupid people can be, praising a ruthless, cheating, murderous Dictator, almost as bad as his mentor and hero Fidel Castro.

    Instead of just saying "de la que se salvaron los Venezolanos cuando se murio ese canalla, ese loco"

    And now the Vultures, los Zamuros del sistema, putting up a Circus just to stay in power at any cost, and el pueblo - some of it - out in the streets so the keep getting the free arepas or lavadoras or corrupted positions everywhere. While the crime is among the worst in the world, and the economy was ruined for decades to come.. A SHAME indeed. Sometimes I think they deserve their misery, if it wasn't for some friends i still have over there dealing with so many IGNORANT, LYING THIEVES..

  4. Milonga9:57 AM

    How true can this be? - actually the last paragraph makes it sound true

  5. I have in previous posts express my feelings about those who Firepig calls "contributors" and I would just add Insulza to the list...
    It seems to me that there are plenty of people out there that would like the entire region immerse in the same cesspol Venezuela is now (socialismo del siglo XXI). take a look around, ecuador, bolivia, nicaragua, argentina...are to one degree or another in the same path. A few places that decided to non-comply (paraguay and honduras) were made an example of. In Chile where things have been ok for years and institutions still hold fairly independent, the left is instigating havoc via students, mapuches, environmentalist (the usual suspects) to destabilize the government. I believe the old school left would love to see the entire region submerge in this socialismo del siglo XXI. These privilege leftist do not care what it does to the people because they do not live the life of the people...and when the !@$% hits the fan they flee and seek refuge in the evil capitalist countries where there is stability and freedom, the two key features that their socialist wet dreams usually lack.

  6. Education plays a huge role. Sadly, Chavez and now the vultures remaining in power appeal to a good half of a country which is poor and uneducated. Look at Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica for comparisons. They don’t have clowns who can barely speak, from the low middle classes as presidents or ministers.

    The circus we have in Venezuela, the crime, the sunk economy is largely due to ignorance and corruption. Most of the “elite” fled the country. Higher class Venezuelans own half of Miami now.. who want’s to die in CCS waiting at a semaforo any afternoon?

    And we have to blame ourselves, and all parties and presidents since Perez Jimenez, adecos, copeyanos, all of them for the lack of popular education: Politicians have failed THERE, because it takes a long time, money, selfless effort, an entire generation to see the results.

    So, our ignorant “pueblo” is easily bribed, lied to, corrupted, and follow ignorants like Chavez or Maduro or the other clowns, because they identify to some extent with such corrupted low class thieves. They speak their language, unlike the more educated, qualified “bourgeois” elite people who should be the ones leading and educating the people for the next generation.

  7. In Miami- there was a huge celebration for the death of this scumbag.

    From what I understand here in the USA is the poor don't want the "bourgeois"- they want free government crap however little it is. It's happening here in America too.
    You guys need to take your country back from Maduro- who will be worse than Chavez. The military needs to go and so does the political class.

    You guys have the most oil in the world also the most violent crime- instead of jailing political prisoners it should be the murderers on the streets. Your country should be one of the most wealthy in the world due to the oil. The only wealthy one is Chavez's family with their 2 billion. As far as I'm concerned his family need to give it back to the people.
    Rise up Venezula- free yourselves.


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