Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Hugo Chavez 1954-2013

As we all anticipated yesterday the denouement was at hand. It came at 4:25 according to the cadena right now. The cadena earlier today must have been a preemptive strike, to start pushing the burden of guilt away from the regime.

May he find the peace that he missed in all his life.

And thus we enter the year of all dangers.


  1. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Maduro also accused Venezuela's "historic enemies" of being behind the cancer of President Hugo Chavez.

    "Chavez was attacked with this disease... The historic enemies of this nation looked for how to harm the health of our commander."

    He went on to say that a scientific commission will investigate the possibility Chavez's illness was caused by an enemy attack, and that the country is enduring its "most difficult" hours since Chavez underwent cancer surgery three months ago.

  2. Anonymous11:34 PM

    good luck now trying to get rid of Maduro and the other criminals!

  3. and the moment chosen for his demise was precisely when Godgiven hair is out of town


  4. Anonymous11:44 PM

    I read the army has been deployed, be safe everyone.

  5. Yipeee!!!!
    Ooops, did I say that aloud?

    Hello everyone. Long time no see...

    Now comes the hard part. How will the structures of power evolve from this point forward.

  6. I'll be the one to say it: GOOD RIDDANCE.

    You know how many people would continue to suffer, or die every weekend in Vzla with a Chavex dictator refusing to move on? Ask the Cubans, and ask Castro, his mentors. You don't wish death on anyone, but trust me, when Hitler and many other criminals like Chavez died, every person on earth got better.

  7. Sadly it will be a long time for the structures that he left to give way to real democracy. It will still be wait and see for a long while.

  8. Strange and scary times are coming. Chávez has joined the world of semigods now. History will be manipulated, amputated, and liquidated, in the name of this new legend. He will be held accountable for nothing. Like I said over at The Devil's Poop, it's painfully difficult for me to express insight any more respectful than this at this time, so I will stop.

  9. Anonymous12:07 AM

    On March 05, 1953 died Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin.

  10. piotr20002:11 AM

    Mr Chavez really loved his country and nation, specially poor.
    God bless him after his short life.

    My heart is with all Venezuelans


  11. The official announcement of the death of Chavez is a relief for Venezuela. He had died some time ago. He destroyed most of the country, material and spiritually. It will take many years for Venezuela to recover from this nightmare.

  12. Anonymous5:46 AM

    Ahora endremos un Santo más en los altares de los babalaos, maria lionza y demás junto con los tres poderes, sta. barbara y que sé yo.
    La Maga Lee

  13. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Las ocho potencias: Obatalá, Elegguá, Changó, Oggún, Orunlá, Yemayá, Ochún y Chavez.

  14. Cancer Topples Chavez In Bloodless Coup


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