Tuesday, March 05, 2013

It looks like the hour is coming for Chavez

I am not the one saying it, it comes from the government, that Chavez disease has taken a turn for the worse. I am giving you the Telesur link of Villegas, the communication minister and tonight's cadena.
The question is why now, because it is quite clear that Chavez had reached the end of the rope a few weeks ago. I have the nagging feel that they are forced into it. They may be wanting to dismiss the renovated students protest gathering steam slowly but surely. Or the International pressure is becoming more serious. Or even Chavez is starting to smell funny. All is possible in this macabre farce that the regime has been playing in its sick internal grab for power.

Villegas may have tried to blame the opposition tonight for Chavez death (yeah, they are that sick) but the fact of the matter is that they threw into the ring a very sick man last year. The reelection campaign only damaged Chavez further. Besides committing a fraud against the Venezuelan people, the Cubans and those inside chavismo that had alot to account for had no qualms using Chavez until the bitter end. That Chavez acquiesced does not change the story: he was all but murdered by his inner circle.

Tonight they have taken the first steps to prepare chavistadom for the end. It looks that election date is going to be April 15 to May 5 at the latest. Since Chavez could not be sworn in then Cabello will become president for a few weeks while Maduro runs for President. Maybe. We'll see. The surprises are just about to start............


  1. Charly8:28 AM

    So Chavez was right all along, the magnicidio is about to be consumed except that the authors come from another quarter than the expected one. How ironic

  2. Stefan10:54 AM

    I was curious to see how the chavista website „venezuelanalysis.com“ would present the issue. They must be sad and scared, one would think. But they still prefer to be hilariously funny. Eleazar Diaz Rangel, Editor-in-Chief of Ultimas Noticias, writes in his article titled “Chavez: The Harassment of a patient”:” “I don’t believe modern history has ever seen a medical patient so pressured, hounded, and harassed as Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias has been over the course of the last months”. Ha ha! Then he goes ahead with the usual ranting against the Yankee Empire, only to conclude: “Like all the other battles he has faced, and always with the support of the people, Chavez is sure to win this one as well.” So what he´s basically saying is that death is an ailment of capitalism and that with the support of the people (how could that possibly look like in such a situation?) Chavez will live eternally!

  3. I have info from a t-shirt stamper shop: they received an order for 6 million (yes, you read it right) black t-shirts printed with chavez' eyes. And they said that they will be hiring more shops...
    Preparing the funeral of a pharaoh? A show, a circus...

    1. Liz,

      What a manipulation!

      An imitation of the Buddha Eyes (also known as Wisdom Eyes), that look out in four directions to symbolize the omniscience of an all-seeing Buddha ??

      No matter where you are, no matter in what dimension, Chavez eyes will be upon us......give us a break!


  4. Anonymous3:51 PM

    I told you that he just came home to die.

  5. Dr. Faustus4:08 PM

    "...the fact of the matter is that they threw into the ring a very sick man last year."

    Why? How could they have done such a stupid thing? They knew! Of course they knew. It is the perfect example as to how corrupt/dictatorial the inner politics of Chavismo really was (past tense). No one had the guts to point out the obvious, Hugo Chavez had terminal cancer. Now they're facing a new election (!), with little money left over from that which was squandered last year. wow.

  6. Anonymous5:42 PM

    if Maduro and his gang dare to be candidates in a new election, THEY" will win. I just cannot believe that they will be allowed ALLOWED to run for the office, but, knowing the system, the corruption, the idiosyncrasy of the PUEBLO this will happen (big sigh) and Maduro and his clan will be president and in power again. I could bet anyone anything that this will happen.

  7. Island Canuck5:53 PM

    At this moment all the big wigs - both military & civil - are meeting in Miraflores.
    VTV has been put on alert that a cadena is imminent.

    Will the announcement come today??
    We can only hope.

  8. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Maduro for president?!

    y lo van a dejar?!! no es culpa de la opo pero algo deberian de hacer, lo que Maduro y sus entorno hizo es traicion, mentirle a todo un pais! esos deberian de podrirse en alguna carcel, pero no... van a a pelear (Maduro y cia.) por el gobierno, por que el pueblo los necesita, y claro, como todo esta preparado y la ultima palabra lo dice el sistema CUBANO que ya sabe quien va ganar en las eleccioens habra Maduro y demas por muchos anhos mas. QUE BOLAS!

  9. Anonymous6:36 PM

    This is an exceptionally frightening moment for Chavismo. First, all the lies about Chavez health are exposed. Second, Chavismo has no one prepped to lead. Third, in-fighting may split PSUV and let the opposition have a footing. Fourth, the forthcoming multi-day multi-city massive funeral and internment next to Simone Bolivar will likely lead to protests.

    Let the fireworks begin.

  10. Island Canuck7:55 PM

    No fireworks, just a total waste of time.

    These people live in a world of fantasies & conspiracies.

    If he wants the rumours to stop just announce a bi-partisan medical committee to give a report.

    Easy & transparent but won't happen.
    The last thing these people want is transparency.

  11. Anonymous10:56 PM


    Chavez --dead

  12. Anonymous11:05 PM

    Yes. according to Canadian news...Chavez...dead

  13. Anonymous12:29 AM

    definitely a great news the death of the dictator!

  14. Send the Cubans packing!

  15. Hey- the USA gave him cancer. LOL...I know it's hot where he is.


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