Monday, March 11, 2013

Of course I am going to vote for Maduro....

Unacceptable words of Maduro "I am one that likes women and yes, I have children". Someone from the left would never say such a thing.

And the homophobia card has been used a few minutes ago, when Maduro registered his name for the April 14 vote, as already reported in twitter.

PS: never mind the time stamp, when you embed a tweet in blogger it seems to pick up a fantasy time, in the future this time around....


  1. Daniel, the man is homophobic but also, not a gentleman!

    Didn't he say that he'd marry Cilia if he wins the election? And if not? That's gotta be the ugliest proposal ever. Worst than those guys that at any ball game do it in the big screen.

    Poor Cilia... and of us!

    1. Nada de pobrecita, Liz.
      Dios los hace y ellos se juntan.

    2. Lo dije por decir algo decente. Pero lo que mas me impresiona es que hay quien los ve como ejemplo de vida.

    3. Y aquí muestran ese *gran ejemplo de vida*, aún con los mocos de maduro. .

      Qué niveles!

  2. Liz,

    Cilia deserves the type of man she has, and he deserves her.Firpigette

  3. And let's not forget also that Maduro was rumored to be behind the close relationships with Syria.... fitting for someone who is also antisemitic even though his last name has a Sephardi origin.

    Maduro has it all, machista, antijew, homophobe, y para usted de contar....

  4. I enjoyed this tweet:

    yeritza orozco @ysolmaire
    @hcapriles Soy orgullosamente 100% chavista pero pienso q mi comandante se equivoco en su decision, cuentas con mi voto capriles

  5. Anonymous11:50 PM

    I was surprised to see the rainbow flag in the Assembly during the swearing in of Maduro with the things they have said in the past. Now this just adds to the wonder of how these people can still support these bigots.

    1. Well, there is a Log Cabin group supporting Reps. Or was, anyway.

      However do not forget two things: there is an indigenous flag that looks from afar like a gay flag, and that some people will wave anyflag.....

  6. Daniel, there are two major groups in the US, Log Cabin and GOProud.

  7. This video is a little old, but it shows how little he has changed.

  8. Anonymous5:59 AM

    Seguro es que Maduro no es ejemplo para nadie, dicen los rumores muchas cositas feas , el comandante se dejo engañar cuando lo escogió, no tiene clase, es racista, homofobo, es un ordinario. La Maga Lee


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