Sunday, January 05, 2014

Como se pelea contra el fascismo

Maria Corina Machado nos dio hoy una clase magistral de como es que se enfrenta al fascismo. En el vídeo que sigue ustedes pueden ver su intervención hace unas horas en la asamblea nacional cuando se volvió a nombrar la misma directiva abusadora del 2013, la que no tuvo reparo en romperle la cara a MCM (Cabello et al.). Si lo que dice MCM ya requiere reciedumbre e inteligencia, lo notable de este momento es que ustedes podrán ver EXACTAMENTE como reaccionan los fascistas cuando se le enrostran las verdades. Miren las tribunas (y la directiva) y observen como reaccionan y verán el chavofascismo en todo su horror. Las palabras de MCM se validaban a penas pronunciadas por esa valerosa mujer. ¡Gran momento!


  1. Ronaldo9:15 AM

    MCM is the most courageous person in Venezuela. The Chavistas in the audience have been paid off to protest. However, each and everyone of them knows she is correct on all points. God bless MCM.

    WTF was Chavez image imposed over the video? Chavez is dead.. A more appropriate image would be the two Castro brothers and a Cuban flag. "Venezuela give $12 billion to Cuba each year" and then Venezuela is taking out billion dollar loans from China just to buy toilet paper?

    1. I wish the reaction of the "audience" were due only to them receiving a participation fee. But I am afraid that after 15 years, they may be just brain washed.

    2. Sera una combinacion de los dos?
      Todo el espectaculo es una verguenza y el discurso de MCM esta tan por encima que desgraciadamente nunca va a llegar.
      Me pregunto yo: sera posible conseguir listas de la gente que va a la asamblea y de cuanto les pagan? Hay algun control en la puerta? Sera que la oposcion puede infiltrar miembros al PSUV para conseguir la informacion para luego mostrarsela en sus caras desde el curul y decirles algo asi como "aqui tengo sus nombres y cuanto les pagaron, verguenza de venezolanos!".

  2. After watching this I ask myself " How can anyone deny there is a Hell?" It is right here, on the lower levels of human evolution,and catching on fire.

    The authoritarian character type breathes passion into Venezuela's left wing Fascists, but we see it among the opposition as well when they gang up on forums against the Chavistas. Ganging up ( by accumulating like minded thinkers to join in) or by appealing to the common way of thinking is a power grab, an idealization of their status quo, a pedantic rejection of imaginative thinking, or an adherence to conventional wisdom rather than a stepping outside the box. But MCM is brave enough, and independent enough to stand alone.

    These Fascists get upset when people disagree with them because they are always right and others are always wrong. The curse, therefore, is that element of pride that makes them feel so smug( look at their smirky smiles)...and they are highly amused by their own cruelty.

    Why does it matter to someone at all if someone else has the wrong idea? Why not let them have it? Who cares?They do ...because their fragile egos are in danger .

    But the worst is when MCM actually challenges their silly little paradigm. It's very hard for authoritarians to not set up straw men or pick at little details with lawyer tactics when they feel there's a full frontal assault going on at the gates of their collective minds.In person though, they just react emotionally and violently.These people are typically resistant to change, so this then, is to be expected.

    MCM is a target of these authoritarian bullies because she is independent. She refuses to be subservient. Bullies seek to enslave their targets and when targets preserve their own dignity as she does and their right to be treated with respect, bullies will escalate their tirades of hatred and intimidation to wrest the control .It is all about power for them, and not about understanding.But MCM has by far the greater emotional intelligence against this wall of mindless hatred.firepigette

  3. charly1:36 PM

    Chavofacismo? Bravo Daniel, hope the expression goes a long way.

  4. A sad circus...These people are sadly misled. When they lose a child they will learn. What a disgrace to any dignified peoples, rich or poor watching this...

  5. Anonymous9:05 PM

    Dicen que la ignorancia es atrevida. Asi que como maduro puede percibir la suya? Como puede imaginar que gente que ama la libertad y cree en una democracia puede aceptar su forma de llevar a una nacion. El hambre, el crimen y su ridicula autoridad enfrentandose con otros paises lo pone en evidencia y se ridiculiza al mismo tiempo. Oraciones para fortalecer a todos y cada uno que lucha por la libertad perdida y por recuperar la democracia de Venezuela.


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