Sunday, January 12, 2014

Does Maduro love animals better than people?

Wanna be my kitty?
Maduro's regime has decided today to create free veterinary clinics for street dogs and stray cats, to control the price of pet food and what not. What is wrong with that picture?

Very simple: there is not enough food for humans, public hospitals are collapsing, there is plenty of scarcity of basic medicines, etc, etc...  But Monica Spear was assassinated and that was a public opinion atomic bomb, at home and abroad. So there was the urgent need to do something, ANYTHING and Mision Nevado was launched. Included a Maduro adopting a stray cat that looks quite unhappy and that luckily for him maybe the last time it sees Maduro before being sent to some handler.

It will all come with Orewellian speech (animals in a street situation, imposible to make a good translation of animales en situación de calle) and a proposed "canineathon" on TV. No words of course of the implied Mision Vegan and the liberation of cattle of all types, amen of taking care of street rats and other pests because, you know, they are animals too.

Maybe my calendar is wrong and we are already on April's fools day? Meanwhile I will buy a few bag of dog food tomorrow for my JRT. You know, just in case.


  1. charly11:46 PM

    Now that the bloody cucuteño idiot is asking for just pricing of pet food, all the decent brands will disappear from the market. My poor Kamilita will be reduced to eat left overs or worse Mercal garbbage.

  2. You live with a JRT? No wonder you can deal with a small thing like a Crazy Country. :)

  3. Island Canuck7:42 AM

    No cat food at all in Margarita.
    Lots of dog food at huge prices.

    Why is cat food 3x more expensive by weight than dog food?
    Is it that much more expensive to make or are cat owners that crazy that they will pay anything?

    P.S. I don't have any cats or dogs at this stage in my life.

  4. The ignorance of some is willful.

  5. Anonymous9:57 AM

    There is no way, that's a stray cat.... Just another illusion this corrupt government is trying to pass on.

  6. Anonymous10:01 AM

    The idiot is for sure a bigot!!!! What about the parrots - The rats etc., etc. Free beer for all the workers, said tiny Tim.


  7. animales en situación de calle
    stray cats and dogs
    abandoned cats and dogs
    abandoned pets

  8. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Libertad para los cochinos!

  9. " I work hard to make sure my kitty has a good life"


  10. Eduardo4:37 PM

    I have two comments here.

    The first is: Adopting the cat is show as usual. This is one of communist's specialties.

    The second is that Chavez has left the style of starting a lot of missions or works, without follow up. There is an endless supply of good causes, so this name has no end. But it astonishes me that there is no control at all.

  11. Ronaldo4:46 PM

    Maduro looks like he has eaten many stray animals. That's why he wants their health protected.

  12. Anonymous12:09 AM

    Is Maduro starting a new dog meat for China export program? Were the Chinese complaining about the quality of Vzla dog meat? First no housing, then no job, then no honest vote, then no food, and finally they appropriate your dog.

  13. Whatever happened to that dog that Chavez got as a gift from Putin? It is probably "en situación de calle" now.


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