Monday, January 13, 2014

Don't understand violence in Venezuela? A few pictures for you

Let's start with a fabulous cartoon (hat tip PB)

And if that is not enough look this picture below of fashionable violence by one of the many pro Chavez paramilitary groups. A large selection of different forms of violence promotion by the regime can be found here.

Tupamaro bimbos posing for the camera...  words fail me....


  1. I remember speaking to Israeli soldiers while I was living there a number of years ago. During the invasion into Gaza in the 70's, they were shocked by the horrific conditions that Gaza people lived in. They remarked: "What were they fighting for?" There is no logic. My take is that it's a product of FEAR+HATE and any remote chance giving them HOPE. As the economic conditions deteriorate, fear will increase and balancing that with more hate propaganda, the guns will be aimed away from the government and toward the opposition.

  2. Ronaldo10:12 PM

    The graph at the bottom of the link to more photos is very telling. Venezuela spends ten times as much on national defense as it does on the protection of civilians.

    Yet virtually nobody has been killed defending Venezuela sovereignty (except against Chavez coup attempt).

    On the other hand possibly over 250,000 citizens have been murdered within Venezuela over the last 15 years.

    That is one big misallocation of resources.

  3. Anonymous7:56 PM

    The only solution Marxists can come up with to any mess they have created is more of the same policies that caused the mess. When Chavez threatened to "deepen the revolution" this is what he meant-more of the same stupidity. It's called ideological blindness. The Marxists still haven't figured out that Socialism just isn''t going to "save the world" despite all the ludicrous failures attributed to it. Look at the endless procession of successful rich idiots (who would lose the most) who still support it.


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