Saturday, February 15, 2014

Fascist tweets

There are some tweets that illustrate the fascist nature of the Venezuelan regime.

The first one is from the minister of jails, the ineffable Iris Valera, one of the most violent members of the regime, who made friends with the jail leaders, those inmates that are the ones running the show in jails, directing from the comfort of their cells of sorts of extortion rings and mafia like business.  True to character she admits of the role of the chavismo storm-troopers on bike and glorifies them.

The[opposition protester, pejorative] are scared shitless from the organized "colectivos" [paramilitary chavista organizations, those caught shooting from their motor bikes]! The colectivos are fundamental pilar for the defense of the fatherland!

No further comments needed on that one.

The next one is from a democrat, not a fascist, but he tells of what they did to his daughter. He has been accused of conspiring with Carratu Molina, a man he claims he does not know. From a recorded phone call he denies ever taking place. He is into hiding while he puts together something with his lawyers. It did not matter, they ransacked his apartment, they took his daughter for questioning and they are not letting his wife in. The real reason, besides looking for a pretext to justify current repression? Gerbasi was a frequent international expert on Globovision while Maduro was the incompetent foreign minister.

Nicolas Maduro Do you respect family? Why are you forcing my daughter to go declare to the prosecutor office?

He just posted another tweet that his daughter had been released.

The third one reflects what fascism does to media, any media. The target here is Venevision who has collaborated with the regime closely since Jimmy Carter sponsored an encounter between its owner, Gustavo Cisneros, and Chavez.  The opposition point of view is not absent but rare and censored as needed. VVsincensura is apparently a tweeter account held by former or hidden Venevision journalists.

Venezuela has the right to see this on the screens of Venevision #todaySilenceWillCondmenYouTomorrow 

And by the way, Twitter has trouble showing pictures in Venezuela...... Acknowledged by the very own company.  OK, that could also be communism....


  1. I guess there is no doubt who is carrying out the killings now. Government officials applauding murder on Twitter is a bit much though. I guess it shows they know that the opposition has zero power to do anything about it.

  2. Here is what looks like an excellent video informing English speakers of what is happening in Venezuela.If you think there are discrepancies please let me know:

  3. kernel_panic5:28 PM

    Epa daniel, esto se ve feo:

    Fijate como el guardia que esta al fondo de la primera foto porta un arma larga y el que esta cerca del frente tiene binoculares

    La segunda foto se ven mas armas largas...

    Mucho cuidado con esto!

  4. Charly6:59 PM

    Daniel, a small but very important correction to you translation: "Los colectivos somos pilar fundamental", "We "colectivos" are the fundamental pillar....". This is a confession that the regime and the thugs are in bed together, when the Minister of jails confesses that she belongs to "colectivos". BTW, as a photo showed a couple of years ago, she is also in bed with "pranes", literally.

  5. Anonymous12:01 AM

    Also posted in miguel´s blog:

    How about some help from the readers to find out from where is the Venezuelan government buying the “expired” CS 37/38 mm Tear Gas Canister ? Take a look at the picture in the link below:

    It could be made by Condor in Brazil, by Falken Spain or other supplier (China, Russia ?


    What is curious is the expression “Fecha de validad”.

    Thanks !

  6. Anonymous12:55 AM

    Ok, nailed one of the Tear Gas, its from Condor and its made in Brazil, GL-310 Baiariona (Dancing)

    From Twitter @Oriherrera:

    FOTO de una bomba lacrimógena en Altamira. Vía @JGpunto #Caracas #Venezuela 6:55pm.—
    Oriana Herrera (@OriHerrera) February 15, 2014


    Look for GL 310 – Granada Lacrimogênea de Movimentos Aleatórios (BAILARINA)


  7. Anonymous1:13 AM

    What's happening NOW


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