Sunday, February 16, 2014

Leopoldo Lopez date with destiny

Leopoldo Lopez has released a video filmed from his hiding place where even a painting in the wall was blurred.

What Lopez is saying is that next Tuesday (the 18) he will be leading a march to the interior ministry to submit a claim. Then, a few dozen yards before the door he will stop the march and walk alone, letting the regime assume its responsibility in arresting him, in front of gazillions cameras posted in front. To make the moment more dramatic he has asked to all that are willing to accompany him to dress in white, and takes as peaceful an attitude as they can come up with.

Of course the symbolism is rich, and richer than what you may think. For example white is also the color of choice to dress for many "santeros" and other assorted voodoo like sects, which have strangely flourished with the influence of Cuba over chavismo. That he goes to the interior ministry is also something because not only this is the ministry in charge of public order, but also the one whose head has been pretending to hold a dialogue to ensure the safety of Venezuelans. Amen that the current head, Rodriguez Torres, was also a coupmonger of 1992 in charge of killing the presidential family if needed.

By Tuesday all major networks in the world will be filming this human sacrifice. And Lopez will write his ticket to immortality, one way or another. Unless the regime finds a cope out. But even ransacking half of Caracas to find Lopez hiding place will not compensate.


Note: none of this is on Venezuelan TV or radio. The regime forbids it. And to make sure that the order is fulfilled the regime is holding as I type a cadena where Maduro is trying to put destruction perpetrated by his followers on the back of the opposition. In particular an alleged attack to dozens of metro bus units when the mayor of Baruta stated that he knows of none.  In short, Twitter and international press have inflicted such damage on the regime that this one has gone into propaganda overdrive.


  1. Island Canuck9:04 PM

    The man sure has balls.

    There is no way Maduro is going to let this happen peacefully.

    1. of course not. though it is not quite clear what they will do yet. anything from forbidding it outright to calling their own march from the SAME starting point. they are a mess after that video.

  2. I think it is coming to an end for VNZA...Maduro is probably finished and VNZA will have the long road to rebuilding from the ravages of Chavismo. But it will happen. One way or the other, Maduro is finished...How much of the Treasury will him and his cronies get off with is anyone's guess.

  3. Anonymous9:16 PM

    damas de blanco

  4. Anonymous10:06 PM

    I've been wondering about the allegedly destruction of Metro stations and Metrobus units. I even checked El Troudi's twitter account, but I have not found a single picture or video of such thing... Has anybody had better luck finding that?

  5. I wish all the best to LL and MCM, may the truth win!
    Enough of the dictatorship! We are sick of this, now the state is killing it's own people. Enough! Ya basta!
    Thankfully my family are in the hills of Estado Merida, I won't say where. I'm sure you understand... just women and children in despair, but they, and me, in UK fullly support his efforts.
    Daniel, please do not stop posting, no matter what eventuality, you have so many supporters across the world. Personally, I have friends in UK, Germany, Chile, US, and Australia that I have linked to this website and they thank ME, when it should be YOU.
    Stay Strong!

  6. Anonymous3:02 AM

    Daniel, vi una foto de una protesta en Yaracuy, en la Avenida La Patria, frente al supermercado El Nacional ¿Eso es verdad? Si es así, masburro mejor que empiece a hacer las maletas.


    1. Es posible, hubo un conato de protesta el 12. pero parece que mañana si hay una.

  7. If LL is able to stay safe for some days in the " clandestinidad", then one might guess that the opposition underground has some strength, and that the government is not as strong as one the impression they give.


  8. Anonymous8:21 AM

    According to the government around 40 buses were vandalized. In twitter there are a couple of pictures. All of them in the parking lot:
    It is funny how in a country with mobile phone high level of penetration there is no pictures of the buses taken by passengers.
    And maduro announced a government march on Tuesday following an already used tactic of countering any opposition march with another one

    1. And the only people allegedly injured seem to have been metro employees.... yeah, right, selective stone throwing.....

    2. They can't even get their BS right.....

      The guy has on the neck brace backwards, and the very next day is miraculously cured!!!!

  9. "What Lopez is saying is that next Tuesday"
    should be
    "What Lopez is saying is that Tuesday"
    "What Lopez is saying is that next Tuesday (Feb 18)"
    because in USA English "next Tuesday" would mean Feb 25th.

  10. I agree.People have to make a choice: Face death , suffering, and violence, or live under Cuban/Narco dictatorship.It is useless to list reasons.Each person has their own.It is more useful to make choices.

    Hemos llegado donde el mono no carga sus hijos


  11. So it's even forbidden to talk about his arrest warrant on tv?

    1. Not exactly. There is self censorship. So if a TV does not know how kosher the news is, well, they pretend it does not exist.

      But of course self censorship exists because naked censorship also exists: asks NTN24 from Colombia....

  12. I'm trying to imagine how they will arrest him, and all that comes to my mind is how they treated chavez when they caught him on feb.4th 1992 when he gave his famour "por ahora" speech. They let him speak, call his guys to surrender, and then walked him, even giving him a pat on the back if I recall correctly.

  13. In my rosary tonight dude. Buena suerte.


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