Tuesday, March 18, 2014

One month ago they jailed Lopez, tonight they are after Machado

Maria Corina Machado knew the moment would come and it came today in such a blatantly fascist way that one is speechless. Well, not for long until they find their way to a keyboard.

Let's start with this picture, full of angst, as Lopez and Machado were attacked one month ago, a few minutes before Lopez would be pushed into a Nazional Guard armored car.  The woman is stressed, is scared but is going forward anyway. A true courage that she has been showing every single day in the last month knowing full well that her turn was coming.

What the regime did today was to call for a parliament session that was cut short, without debate, before Machado could present her case. Cabello, the angry perpetrator, a pig in the most Orwellian sense, lifted the session to go personally to order the nation's attorney to make haste with a dossier that can allow for the high court to strip in a matter of days Maria Corina Machado of her parliamentary immunity. Cabello is so vile that he keeps correcting himself from saying "Maria Corina" to say only Maria, as if shortening her name would cut the immense prestige she has to somewhat, I suppose, diminish the immense contempt that Cabello inspires. You can watch a video compilation here if you have the stomach for it.

The proposal to disbar Machado was done by Tania Diaz, who has become quite the evil bitch. I am posting her pic today next because there is no other interpretation that her tight military blouse and ridiculous cap were a fascist statement.  I think that woman has become absolutely incapable of saying anything original, anything out of the party line, anything out of the self indoctrination that she has willingly subjected herself to.

There is no doubt that Machado will be disbarred and probably jailed soon. Panama has offered a right to speech to Maria Corina Machado at an OAS session next Friday and it is crucial for the regime that this does not happen, and that if it were to happen she could not speak as an active representative. I personally think it is too late for the regime to skip this, because even if tomorrow Machado is jailed it would be a nail more in the regime's coffin.  The brutal and ridiculous breaking up of relations with Panama by Maduro, instead of doing it with the US as it should have been if he had any coherence and courage,  is for all at the OAS to see. Barring Machado for attending is not going to help Maduro's cause.

But the Panama invite is a mere excuse for the regime who cannot wait to jail Machado and any one like her because let's face it: none, NONE of them is able to have a polished, meaningful speech like she or Lopez or Capriles can do. Jealously is enough motivation for a fascist to silence whoever is in front of them.

Tonight Machado called for a press conference that no Venezuelan network passed though they all mentioned Cabello outrageous speech earlier.  Just for the record on how there is no freedom of expression or information in Venezuela. So right now there is only an account of her speech like this one in El Nacional although she went live on YouTube and EUTV and thus, if your internet is deadly slow like mine you missed most of it.


  1. Communists now showing their true colors-murderers and liars.

  2. Not that they really need an excuse, but what rational are they offering for stripping her immunity?

  3. Ronaldo11:07 PM

    The Castros ordered MCM's arrest for suggesting that the Cubans pack up and leave
    Venezuela. Her arrest will only increase the protests and bring international attention. MCM has traveled all over the Americas speaking her case and is well known. I met her in DC.

    MCM is a tiger that is extremely dangerous caged. Maduro will get eaten alive.

  4. Kind of went heavy there on the breast implants didn't you Tania. Too bad they can't offer brain implants or else you would of been a genius instead of a total idiot.

  5. Dr. Faustus3:55 AM

    And, ah, where are the words of denunciation coming from Dilma? Bachelet? Cristina? Simply amazing....

  6. Is the purpose to detain her or just to prevent her from leaving the country?
    If they dare to jail her that would cross a dangerous line. Dangerous for the government and for the country, violence may grow out of control. If Lopez is a hot potato Maria Corina is an explosive potato.

    1. Anonymous8:08 AM

      "Dangerous for the government and for the country, violence may grow out of control"

      The same was said as Lopez was surrendering...and now one month has passed. Maria will serve a better purpose on the outside continuing to denounce this illegitimate government. She is the fly in the ointment that they want to silence, and if they can lock her away they will. Disbarred or not, she needs to make that speech to the OAS.

    2. Island Canuck10:43 AM

      She is now on a plane leaving Venezuela. 10.40 AM Wednesday.

  7. Notice the smile Diosdado tries to hide.....unbelievable psychopath...if the WORLD is not seeing this as they should then they are just as much part of the problem.

    I keep hearing different reports from different people..Some tell me the S.O.S movement has died out.Others say it is going strong.....my daughter tells me some of her friends are really fighting hard for the opposition and getting stronger.....but then she also tells me that quite a few of the oppo kids couldn't care less, and are just hosting parties and have totally forgotten about LL.

    It's the country of confusion.

    But one thing I would like to empathize is that if people do not stand up to this in whatever way they can ,from timidly to boldly, they will deserve the fate they get and it will be plenty bad.Life has a way of making sure of that one.

    This is pure, unadulterated evil no less, and the come flores (the see no evil -hear no evil-speak no evil idiots) are a part of it in my book.


  8. Maria Corina, truly and Iron Lady.


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