Monday, April 14, 2014

A footnote on guarimbalogue

Just to let you know that last week exercise has disliked the regime and that I am pretty sure nothing will come of it.

Maria Corina Machado spoke at the European Parliament. Take that UNASUR credibility, fairness, alleged even handed, etc BS....

The students said that unless certain conditions are not met, even if finally invited they will not attend. Meanwhile the MUD is creating commissions to discuss stuff with the regime and nobody is paying attention.

Repression went hard this week end in Bello Monte area. So there is more love and concern of Maduro toward his people, who can add one more murdered student to his account.


The problem remains that a regime that has lost the 50% of support wants to impose 100% of its model. Guess which side has to yield if peace is ever to come again?

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  1. Daniel,

    I see a "problem" here. The students have no leadership.
    Juan Requesens?Gaby Arellano? Leopoldo? None of them makes the whole student/resistance group represented and many can't identify themselves with these characters.

    I'm a student, i like to think im also part of the resistance and i've done my guarimbeo,almost got caught by the PNB too. I personally like Voluntad Popular since before they were a party,even with its big ego leadership. However,if I say someone has to represent the students it would be the activist and independent Julio Gimenez (@juliococo).

    But those guys, the students are not easy to represent because there's just a lot of different thoughts,different minds and different backgrounds,while some say "liberen a leopoldo" others say "i don't care about leopoldo, i'm sick of not having a fucking future!!!"

    I've talked to many of these guys, and this is what I've seen.


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