Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Close to Easter the Guarimbalogue starts laying empty eggs

I am going to be brief: the vaunted results of last night "dialogue" leave me cold. True, Aveledo announces that a better truth commission WILL BE named, that an amnesty law has been rejected but that other ways WILL BE tried, that the opposition WILL BE able to offer suggestions to the fight against crime plan, that the many public officials that should have been chosen long ago WILL BE picked according to the law.

Am I the only one detecting a pattern of wishful thinking? Can I trade 4 WILL BE for a single IS?

See, when Patiño, the Ecuador foreign minister and maybe the biggest fan of chavismo inside UNASUR expresses wonderment at how much was achieved in a single session, well, I am suspicious.

There has been so many WILL BE in the past that went absolutely nowhere, that ended up favoring the regime, that I shall be excused to express my doubts.

That UNASUR was prompt in abandoning the opposition in April-May 2013 makes me doubt very much that this time around that they may be more serious.

That the people who made possible through gurarimba pressure that the regime accepted to sit down with the opposition are not present at the table makes me doubt that the results will be received with elation by the hoi polloi on the barricades, or not.

I think we should forget that, keep protesting as long as the regime does not throw at us a real bone; and for good measure actually challenge Aveledo to force him to bring him on the bacon or step down along with Capriles.  I am sorry but for all their merits they did lose in October 2012, the "lost" again in April 2013, they lost a lot in December 2013. How can I believe that this time around they will get something out of the regime? Just my opinion, what do I know.


  1. Anonymous1:00 PM

    sad, all the protests and deaths will end up in "dialogue" THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THE CASTRO's WANTED AND THEY ARE GETTING IT!!

    1. Charly1:54 PM

      Not really, the MUD has made itself irrelevant eons ago, they simply have not realized it yet. The regime went for "dialogue" because of the guarimbas and guarimbas authors are nowhere to be seen around the table. There is a new kid on the block and he scares the Holy Jesus out of the regime. Just read last Monday's Espejo in Ultimas Noticias. Old JVR is using "terrorista" every second word. He wants those kids neutralized badly. He's old, they are young, what a pisser.

  2. Island Canuck1:02 PM

    Twitter is full of skepticism.

    Semana Santa is causing a slow down in demonstrations but I would bet that by next week things WILL BE back in full swing.
    This is not over by a long shot.

  3. Anonymous2:04 PM

    The people running the regime want to things: some to hold on to their power and money, and others to see communism work to see the dreams of their wasted youth come true. Not one of them is interested in changing anything. The people who support the ones running the regime want only one thing: some free stuff. They are not very interested in changes either.

    The other half of the country will continue to have no power, no money and no free stuff. These unfortunate people know that they won't get any of the good things in life any time soon. I have to agree with Daniel that having discussions to get a few "Will Be" concessions is futile.

    The Borg

  4. "Futility" is the operative word. The demonstrations are being blamed for the bad economy, as expected. SICAD2 didn't produce much in dollars, and yet, it lowered the black market rate! What can students do with stones against bullets? The economy is still deteriorating and bringing down the quality of life in Venezuela along with it. The international reputation of the regime has taken big hits, but that seems to be leading nowhere. The repression, no matter how extreme, and the regime's continued absurd economic policies, and their continued intransigence in the face of shortages, escalating crime, collapse of institutions and public services, all of which appear to be leading to el hambre hizo estragos entre los más necesitados!

  5. Anonymous4:25 PM

    No way Jose. Those people are very dishonest. If the regimen is allowed to stay in power, it is over for Venezuela. It is going to be a victory for the Castros and they will bleed Venezuela for what it's worth or I should say for what's left.

  6. The motto of the government is: Resistance is Futile. Hopefully the opposition will WAKE UP and do what is necessary to save themselves and Venezuela!

    1. Charly8:50 PM

      William, the only way the oppo can make a bang in those negotiations with Big Brother is to sneak in a creole version of Von Stauffenberg at the table.

  7. Pura paja....pura pantalla

  8. Anonymous8:12 PM

    Time to get comfortable with the Cuban lifestyle?

    Venezuela has become nothing more than a place where both capital and dreams die.

  9. Anonymous8:38 PM

    On April 29, 1812, the American House of Representatives debated a resolution to purchase barrels of flour to aid the victims of the earthquake of Caracas, Venezuela. The resolution passes and will become the first foreign aid bill of the United States.

    Venezuela had suffered a powerful earthquake on March 26, 1812 measuring about 7.7 in magnitude. The earthquake caused extensive damage in Caracas, La Guaira, Barquisimeto, San Felipe, and Mérida with an estimated 15,000 to 20,000 dead.

    The resolution for the aid was moved by Nathaniel Macon of North Carolina. The only contentious point was raised by John Randolph of Virginia, who wanted to amend the resolution to authorize all vessels with cargo to be allowed to go to Venezuela. John Calhoun of South Carolina opposed this amendment. Calhoun said he regretted that the resolution "to aid the cause of humanity could not be allowed to pass without the inter-mixture of party feeling." He also opposed the amendment as it would virtually repeal the Embargo Act that had been passed. Randolph's amendment was defeated 74 to 30. The resolution was then amended to change "barrels of flour" to "provisions" so that corn or flour could also be sent. The resolution then passed unanimously by the House of Representatives.
    We were the first to assist and now the first to be criticized.
    Love this country and it's people!
    Gringo Bill

    1. Anonymous8:47 PM

      Sorry this information was from.

  10. Querido Daniel
    Generalmente no creo en las teorias conspirativas. Pero como cientifico que eres considera la posibilidad de que esto sea cierto:
    Si hay una probabilidad de que sea cierto, no te cuesta nada implementarlo y beneficierte de los resultados.
    Yo puedo confirmarte por los resultados en mi familia cercana de que mucho de los que sale en este articulo es cierto. El ph tiene un efecto increible sobre los problemas graves e intratables de la piel y las mucosas. No se si sobre el cancer gracias a Dios pero no me sorprenderia.
    Recuerda, eres cientifico. Prueba tu mismo.


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