Monday, May 18, 2015

Voluntad Popular scores

Preliminary results indicate that for all efforts of the regime to silence Voluntad Popular, for all efforts of the opposition to lower the aspirations of the "upstart", Leopoldo Lopez's vehicle may have taken up to 25% of the seats attributed yesterday. At least 10 of the 42 to be decided. Thus the good scores of the municipal elections of 2013 are confirmed. Voluntad Popular is the party that represents the "hard core" vocal opposition, and growing. Imagine if Lopez had been able to campaign or even if his supporters had not been thrown to jail or even murdered. If we add to it the support of Maria Corina Machado and Ledezma, well, the "traditional" opposition is less and less convincing. Never mind the fading star of Capriles.


  1. Anonymous10:50 AM

    I really wish the terms "official" and "opposition" could be done away with. It is something that was started by oficialismo and it's an attempt to make anyone who speaks against the government be viewed in a negative light. The government is always trying to frame opposition as being opposed to the people of Venezuela and to the country as a whole. The message from those seeking to gain power (trying not to say opposition) needs to be that they are the ones who are for inclusion, they are the ones who want to govern for everyone. They need to make the point that it's those that are currently in power that are opposed to so many Venezuelans and so many ideas.

  2. Island Canuck5:33 PM

    Unfortunately the term "opposistion" is the widely recognized word for the people outside the elected government.
    It's use is correct and proper IMHO.

    1. Could and should be "Resistencia", at this point.

    2. Anonymous6:01 AM

      Thing about "Resistencia" is that we'd then have to wear berets, drink cheap wine and smoke Gauloises, non filter of course. No thanks.

      Seriously though, Resistencia is passive sounding, Oposicion has a more active connotation.

      Now if only "our" "Oposicion" politicians were more effective and active......

  3. Charly9:13 PM

    Chavez and his gang were definitely smooth operators. They knew right from the start when Lopez was Mayor of Chacao between 2000 and 2008 and got numerous prizes that this was the man to eliminate, he was too dangerous, making them look silly, incompetent and lazy in the process. So they got Clodovaldo Russian, the cop killer who is rotting somewhere in hell to empeach him. Lopez will bury them all. He already burried plenty of them, including one silly old lady just this weekend.

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