Thursday, March 17, 2016

Chiming on Brazil [file under "famous last words" section]

This one is short.

Anti Corruption justice is circling closer and closer to Brazil's ex president Lula and his designed and failed heir, Dilma Roussef. This one, to protect her mentor, has just named him minister. Such position in Brazil, unaccountably for, gives the holder some form of immunity and while s/he holds the office as s/he can only be investigated and prosecuted through the high court of the land.

This maneuver is of course and admission of guilt. Lula should face judicial proceedings like any citizen now that he is "retired" from politics. If he is innocent, the alleged "persecution" would make of him a martyr and push him back to office as if nothing. The hysterical part of it is that Lula is on record for having say that in Brazil when the poor steal they go to jail but when the rich steal they become ministers. In 1988. In 2016 he becomes minister.

You live by the sword, you die by the sword.

Goes to show you that the left in LatAm has turned out to be even more corrupt than the right. We know now why Lula was the great enabler of Chavez.


  1. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Personally I am very pleased to see Lulu finally being caught. He enabled Chavismo and protected it on the international front while helping Odebrecht and many other Brazilian companies rape Venezuela
    Caracas Canadian

  2. I understand from Fausta's blog that this appointment may not be allowed to happen.

  3. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Clear admissions of guilt from Roussef and Lula. In fact, it is prime evidence of a conspiracy to fraud the governments of Brazil and Venezuela. Looks like Chavismo is collapsing from the top down. How many other foreign leaders are fearing exposure?

  4. At least there is some semblance of Justice still left in Brazil. The judicial branch is somewhat independent, some separation of powers. Unlike Vzla, where there's complete impunity for the Mega-Thieves and every other choro.

    That's where any decent, somewhat civilized country must start. With the rule of Law. With penalties, punishment, jail for the crooks. Otherwise it's chaos, murder, massive embezzlement.. Kleptozuela.

    There is corruption in every country, even in Switzerland or Norway. In Chile or the USA. In France and in Australia. But there are different levels of corruption and galactic Theft. I suspect Vzla is now # 1 in corruption, surpassing Haiti, Iraq, North Korea, Brazil or even Nigeria. Per capita, we are the biggest thieves. And not just the "gobielno", not just the bolichicos, we're talking about 7 million public employees in a World-Record 37 "Ministerios", most of them enchufados, palanqueados, corrupt in one way or another. Vzla's corruption is everywhere, most businesses have to bribe others to even survive, unions.. sindicatos, la guardia, police, alcaldes, most are corrupt. And they all get away with it, with about 99% impunity. PURO GUISO. (or how do you justify "el pueblo" that somehow survives with "minimum salary", which can't buy you 2 arepas y un fresco per month?)

    That's what kills Venezuela. THEFT, everywhere. No rules. No punishment. And almost everyone left is guilty, one way or another, accomplices of the criminal regime. 1.5 Million of the best, educated, honest people left the country long ago. In part because the corruption is intolerable, you can't be in business without being affected, or playing the dirty games..

    Good for Brazil, at least they are trying to do something about it. The Oderbrechts are going to jail.. when do you think the Derwicks will be punished after they stole One Billion US$ and there's no electricity? Probably never. They are having fun in Europe.

  5. Here in Brazil we cannot claim victory yet. Our Supreme Court of Justice is not so independent. 7 of 11 judges were appointed by PT (Lulas Workers Party) so we just count battle after battle day after day and is not even close to be finished.
    And after expeling out them from political power we will still
    have a lifelong war to undo the indoctrination that was aplied
    to our people during all this years.
    But every long journey beggins with a single step, so ...


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