Thursday, August 14, 2003

August 14, 2003

Miguel Octavio Blog, The Devil’s Excrement, just reached his one year mark. Besides wanting to congratulate him for the effort and good work, I want to say that he has helped me indirectly by keeping me writing on in a kind of “gentle” competition, or even by giving me a sense of duty to write when he was out of town.

Our blog styles are different. He is not afraid to cite more facts than I do, or less lazy than I am at translating articles. I tend to like to process things “in block” and perhaps I focus a little bit too much on some ideas making me perhaps too analytical on occasion.

But I like to think that our different styles allow people to have a more complete perspective of what is going in Venezuela. We both want the best for our country and we both are allergic to the misinformation that emanates from so many sources.

Thanks for writing Miguel.

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