Friday, September 26, 2003

and so much going on....

Friday 26, August 2003

Chavez insulting Aznar and Bush (making friends as usual).

S.A. like assault on family housing at Los Semerucos (The grand mother that could barely walk to a car in the midst of tear gas was surely a dangerous "golpista", as seen on TV).

The Electoral Board CNE handing down as from the Olympus the new referendum rules (apparently there is slight chance to make it, good news I suppose).

Assemblyman with a bleeding cheek (courtesy of Iris Varela who apparently not being able to have her amendment approved became Catwoman).

I wonder what a foreign observer would think watching Venezuelan TV these days. Wait! I know! I had one from Brazil and he is just speechless. And this is a businessguy that comes often enough to Venezuela to be able to rent a car and drive around in the country.

Embarrassment hardly describes it...

I will write as soon as possible on these lofty issues. Unless loftier material comes along. All is possible in this country of ultimate "realismo magico".

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