Monday, September 22, 2003

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Monday 22, September 2003

The New York Times has an editorial today on Zimbabwe, The Tyranny of Robert Mugabe. Mr. Mugabe is asked to resign, and the South African president is cited as the main reason why Mugabe is still in office. Interesting. Another Castro/Chavez tandem of sorts?

A sentence in the editorial catches one's attention: "The collapse of Zimbabwe is affecting all southern Africa". Just as the troubles with the chavista regime are starting to affect Middle America. Chavez in his paranoia is accusing the Dominican Republic to help former president Carlos Andres Perez plotting against him. As a clumsy pressure move, in spite of all the denials of a government which seems more serious than ours, Venezuela has stopped delivering oil to the Dominican Republic. The first instance in our history when we use oil as a deliberate pressure tool!!!! A sign of diplomatic weakness, definitely, the Venezuelan bully against the Dominican weakling.

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