Saturday, November 29, 2003

An momentous journey to the recall election on Chavez!

Friday 28, 9:10 PM

News are really positive. Many centers ran out of forms to sign, and some centers in anti-Chavez areas even ran out of the extra forms that were brought to them! One opposition leader went on record saying that if the pace continues they will collect 60% more than the 2.4 million necessary! Out of a possible 7+ million. We will see. I just hope that we get 2.4 million + 1 to make sure we vote on Chavez in March.

Chavistas did look somewhat pitiful. They have even been unable to provide the electoral board with all the signatures they supposedly collected. Tonight they made a show of bringing a few more boxes of forms to the electoral board. I have done a fair amount of moving in my student days and these boxes did look kind of light to me... One cannot help but wonder why they are so reluctant to bring the forms, or why they are putting up such a show of dropwise boxes. A rumor is running: apparently they have detected a large numbers of errors, so many actually that that would explain why they are asking the electoral board to lower their standard as to what is a valid signature! Another rumor says that since so many public employees were forced to sign they made mistakes on purpose!

Of course all sorts of accusations fly as of supposed fraud from the opposition. But nothing seems to stick and a few seconds of today film footage would convince anyone that there will be no need for fraud. On the other hand what is more worrying is that a couple of generals in the interior of the country seemed ot have abused their authority to at least slow down the collection process. We will know more on that tomorrow.

But tonight the opposition is all smiles. With the very real prospective to have all wrapped up by Sunday with a full day left just to nail down the coffin, one can understand their glee. Of course there is always some crazy action possible but I strangely feel confident. The evidence for the opposition success is too strong and I suspect that many chavistas are more worried tonight about their political future than Chavez's one.

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