Saturday, November 29, 2003

Off to Caracas

Saturday 29, 10:30 AM

I will be leaving shortly so no more updates until sometime 4-5 PM my time.

So far things look good except that the military had to be reprimanded by the electoral board CNE for taking some attributions that do not correspond to them. One cannot but worry if the generals that did some improper actions were not testing on purpose the waters....

Otherwise polling places re-opened, people are coming, signatures keep piling up. It will not be as good a day perhaps because it is drizzling everywhere and people might just want to wait for fair weather tomorrow.

I am hearing Globovision reporting of some other disturbing incidents but I want to keep my optimism going up, it is after all acts out of desperation that prove the success of the opposition operation. Observers are still in the country so overall things should be OK no matter what.

One interesting detail is that Chavez did not do his nightly cadena yesterday. Oh well...

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