Saturday, November 22, 2003

Out of town

I will be away for a few days to Margarita Island, a chance vacation that I could not pass. These last days I have been concentrating on analysis (5!) rather than news. News go too fast lately and writing some of the reasons to ask for the recall election seemed more important for me, to remind us why is it that we are going to affix our name at the bottom of a document and thus forfeit our right to secrecy at voting time, with all the consequences that this could bring to our lives if our cause does not overcome. We are a brave people.

Chavistas are gathering signatures until Monday, and all seems OK so far. Anti-chavistas will do so Friday, and I will have come back by then to start giving news. Meanwhile I am sure that Miguel Octavio's blog will keep you updated until Wednesday. Fun, good fun I hope, will start on Wednesday anyway. Though if Internet is close at hand I will check in. Last time there was no Internet.

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