Friday, November 28, 2003

Signature time

Friday 28, 9:30 AM

For the next few days this blog is going to become a news center following my own observations of the signature collection. I will try to post a few times a day.

I will start by the TV round up this morning before coming to work. By 8 AM lines were seen pretty much everywhere. There were definitely more people and more enthusiasm than a week ago when chavistas collected their own signatures to revoke the mandate of a few opposition assembly people.

A talk show from Televen took great care to retracing a recent speak from Chavez where he said that people that signed will have their name recorded for future generations as those that asked for a return to the past. And I suppose that that scorn will start in the present. I cannot imitate the menacing tone of Chavez, but apparently so far his fascist tactics do not seem to be very effective.

In a little bit I will leave work and drive around San Felipe to see how lines are working there. And of course sign up to revoke Chavez tenure. That way he will be able to track me and punish me for treason to something.

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