Friday, November 07, 2003

A tidbit more on Yaracuy Rural Violence

Thursday 6, November 2003

Tonight I got to check El Universal on the net. EL Nacional did not carry anything on the Yaracuy events. Yaracuy is as far from Caracas as Venezuela is from the North...

EL Universal carries a short "explanation of motives" that seems to indicate that the Central Matilde workers might have been indeed the aggressors (they were sort of caught red handed, you know). It also adds that the local agrarian judge unaccountably has failed to emit a decision as to the Central petition to annul the "agrarian chart" that the peasants were given (probably by some local politico).

In other words, had the judicial system acted as a normal judicial system should have done, that is timely, the casualty of last Tuesday might still be today a citizen trying to be productive. Indeed that inaction cannot excuse the Central Matilde actions but if this one had lost the lawsuit sooner it might have been less tempted to act by force.

I am going to have to write soon on the terrible judicial system were are besotted with.

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