Friday, November 28, 2003

Towards the Recall Election of Chavez
So far, so good

Friday 28, 4 PM

Apparently the incidents this morning must have been solved well. I did not see anything on the news at lunch time. The day seems to be going without any problem except for delays and such.

After lunch I stopped by Higueron, a popular neighborhood of San Felipe. The sign up tables were inside a court yard, National guards and policemen in rather large numbers outside guarding access. But people were coming in and out without trouble. Señora Altagracia told me that this morning when she left home a lot of people were lining up to sign, in the erstwhile chavista stronghold of San Felipe.

In Monagas state they have already run out of forms to fill. The electoral board only gives a determined numbers of forms each day and Monagas is the first state to report running out of forms. As far as I know during the chavista effort of last week no state reported a shortage of forms. Zulia governor also has announced that in large sectors of the state they will run out of forms before 6 PM. Zulia is our largest electoral state.

Even the state TV, a.k.a. Discovery Chavez, was in a subdued mood today, though their advertisements were rather harsh to scare people away from signing up. Does not seem to work so far.

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