Thursday, January 29, 2004

A quick note from foreign work obligations

Wednesday 28, January 2004

I am attending a professional activity loaded with people from South America. Two interesting subject of discussion for my fellow Latin American in this Us activity.

1) consternation about Chavez, about the economical downfall of Venezuela, about the fact that I had to buy my very few dollars on the black market, etc, etc... And even more, real, really real consternation that the minimal wage at street dollar rate is down to less than 100 USD a months!! General comment: "how can you raise up the economy a country where people are making less than 100 bucks a months?"

2) other very interesting comment. Brazil decision to demand a visa and finger prints and pic to US citizens since the Us decided to demand it. Based on the "reciprocity" principle on foreign relations. Almost verybody I talked to about that approved!!! Meanwhile Chavez did not dare do what Brazil did and people are surprised. Chavez for all his bragadoccio against free trade and such stuff, will not dare to actually act on it the way that Brazil does. But Lula seems to be growing into a real leader while Chavez is sinking into ridicule in people's opinion.

Oh well...

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