Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Judicial coup in Venezuela
Breaking news!

As expected, but hoped it would not happen, the Constitutional Court has moved to strike the Electoral Court out of its constitutional functions.

The excuse? Since the Constitutional Court named the Electoral Board, then it should supervise all of its decisions. That is, the Electoral Court has no business supervising the Electoral Board, CNE. In a nutshell, the Constitutional Court has taken over the court at large:from now on it will have the jurisprudence to revoke any decision from any court, as it feels like... They have gone against their own jurisprudence (in particular an April 2003 decision). They have dared.

Venezuela is now under a de facto system.

The next step? It is for the Electoral Court to call the court at large, the 20 justices, and have them decide if they will support the Constitutional Court (and their implied subordination to this one from then on) or if they will remind them that the Constitutional Court is one among the 6 courts and that there is something called separation of powers and jurisprudence and laws.

The Chavez Mafia dice are rolling.

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