Thursday, April 29, 2004

Aporrea gets a hit
and perhaps some advertisement

The editor of Tal Cual is not amused today. Aporrea web site, the famous pro Chavez forum in the web (in Spanish) has criticized his family connections, I suppose in the spirit of "convincing people to remove their signatures".

In general I avoid criticizing other web sites that have a blog/forum "feel" since they are very "personal". But considering that I really cannot stomach the declarations of Assemblyman Lara (April 23 here) on "talking to people to convince them to withdraw their signature" I have taken the time to translate quickly the editorial of Simon Boccanegra on Aporrea. By the way, Aporrea seems to consider as traitors people who signed for the Recall Election petition, in particular if they work for any government agency. A peculiar conception of democracy if you ask me. The reader will decide whether I was right in translating it.


The baseness of “”

In the page of "", reproduced by the daily Reporte, the list of Central Bank workers who signed is published again [who signed for the Recall Election]. But in this instance a particular commentary is made on several of the mentioned ones. Of Rayna Petkoff, daughter of the director of TalCual [Teodoro Petkoff, often cited in this site], it is written that she was “hired when her daddy was director of the BCV” and of Luis Pastori, aside from noting that “he does not work” but “he gets paid allegedly as a consultant”, he is branded with the supreme disqualification: “He is the father-in-law of Teodoro Petkoff”. These two notes are sufficient to portray the moral misery of the rats, toads and bats that populate the obscure corners of chavismo. Rayna Petkoff, sociologist, entered the Central Bank in 1987, ten years before "her daddy" became director of the institute, and she reached the Direction of Culture by her own merits, well enough before her father occupied a chair in the directory, the same one that Giordani occupies today and for the same reason [Petkoff occupied the same cabinet chair, planning, in the Caldera Administration the one that Giordani is occupying today and thus both are/were the representatives of the government to the Central Bank]. Luis Pastori, not because he is "father-in-law" of the director of TalCual, that he has been for seven years, but because he is one of the important poet voices of the country, a National Prize of Literature, in addition of being an economist. He directs the reputed cultural magazine of the institution and with 84 years of age he goes every day to the bank, from which he retired after 37 years of work. But these are things that the miserable cagatintas [“ink shiters” in our colorful parlance] that make “aporrea” do not understand and never will.

They judge according to their condition. They serve the most nepotistic government in the history of the country, in which almost none of its worthies, from the President down, has forgotten to plug their family into the bureaucracy. But of course that swarm of cowards and bootlickers who make “” will never have the faintest gallantry to state this criticism. They prefer to slander. They are paid for that.

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