Thursday, April 15, 2004

And I want to leave already!

Well, in the past few days there has been some action.

Chavez made his outmost to agitate the "patriotic" flag against the US.

The Electoral Court ruled for good. The Constitutional Court is accused by one of its members of an illegal ruling before Easter. Big judicial mess developing.

Acosta Carles, the burping general now retired and running for Carabobo State House has invaded a private social club, having his body guards jumping all dressed up in the pool to shield him from bathers asking him to leave and used an army helicopter to escape, mooning the crowd. Notice that he used army material that supposedly he is not allowed to use anymore (not to mention that even if he still were an active general I doubt he would be allowed to use Army stuff as he does).

And some more good stuff if not that spectacular.

I will need a day to sift a little bit through all that I have been told, double checking things.

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