Saturday, May 29, 2004

Salvaging the Recall Election
Second day, report 1

Saturday 29, May 2004

The day at least will not be as rainy as yesterday. In Yaracuy we could call it "sparsely cloudy", and it is hoped that this will affect positively the attendance. One detail I gathered watching the morning news is that centers in more "upscale" areas were not affected by the rain as people drove, regardless. But areas where people must take a bus or something have had less attendance (due to the rain?). Yet these centers still report (which they should not have said so on camera according to the CNE rules) that they have met the expected quota! It will be interesting to observe how the attendance varies today there.

Collection centers for signature revalidation seem to be opening as expected though many delays are observed. Incidents keep happening, mostly due to members of the chavista side trying to find any excuse to block, contest, cancel. As if the opposition were in any position to commit fraud!!!!! This is Venezuela, the only country in the world where the government controls the executive, legislative, judicial and electoral institutions and still screams bloody murder that the opposition is committing a "megafraud"! Apparently its followers have been brain-washed enough that they are believing it.... I suppose it is better to take this claims on faith instead of accepting the rational explanation: any fraud that the opposition might commit is the reflection of the deep incompetence of the administration.

Otherwise nothing new. I will make the rounds again and try today to get a picture. But if nothing happens I might not be back on line until late this afternoon. For once no news should be good news.

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