Monday, May 31, 2004

A summary of these last three days.

Well, it is Sunday evening and I am rather tired. Actually I want to veg out in front of Cable and watch out anything semi fun that will come up. So I will do a quick summary before I close shop for the night (unless, of course...).

All seems to have gone reasonably well, considering what was at stake for both sides. Incidents could not been avoided considering the tensions, but I think that they have been less than what I expected. The worst were some attacks on journalists. Not surprisingly. Surely the presence of Gaviria and Carter had something to do with the very "relative" calm.

Unfortunately the very targeted nature of the incidents makes one fear that yet again there is a "script" somewhere preparing the country for yet another "thing" that will cancel, delay, postpone, diminish, whatever.

The opposition has claimed victory. Fireworks have been released. My "sources" seem to be confident. Yet apparently the "colchon" (safety mattress for landing?) might be only 15% more than what was needed. Due to a higher than expected withdrawal of names, Chavismo pressure on public employees and relatives having had quite an effect. And an abstention of at least 20% of those that signed. Challenges are more than certain and I wonder if we are going to be able to withstand them successfully enough to avoid a postponement of the Recall Election for after August 19. I am not reassured. San Felipe did start having celebratory caravans after Mendoza announcement but my uneasiness and the rain have retained me from going out. The rain mostly as it precludes a good phot op for the blog. I am becoming so picky, and I do not want to wet my brand new camera. If someone want to offer me the under water case for my camera, feel free to contact me :-)

More importantly I am afraid of an administration that is pushed against the wall and has started jailing, suing, intimidating, and violating human rights more and more, with an amazing contempt, just as if they new it was just a warming up theme.

The coming days are going to be tense. Get ready.

Good night, and let us hope.

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