Sunday, July 25, 2004

Bloggers are fast!
and they see things fast :-)

Saturday night real late

Ezequiel Zamora, the CNE vice president, has finally spoken about the abuses of the governmental campaign plastering all sorts of public institutions with political crap. Although his declarations were more on the unfortunate declarations of the VP Rangel as to pre March 11 atmosphere in Caracas (seems that the paramilitary show failed so they have to put up the ante), he at least finally broached the subject. Now I want to see the judge that will dare to go to PDVSA and ask the banners to be taken down....

At any rate. I do not know at what time Zamora declared but this afternoon driving on my way to Caracas for the week end, the banners I caught yesterday were in place. And there was even a new one, even including the PDVSA logo but a National guard vehicle parked under. I passed and that photo op.

Only 22 days
until the Recall Election
on Hugo Chavez.

Do I want him out?

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