Saturday, August 21, 2004

Saturday morning update

Sorry for the lame title but I cannot come up with anything else.

A couple of items.

Chavez cadena last night was to commemorate his 4 years since his last election. It was held with all his crowd. That is, in the background all his cabinet, and in the front all of his governors and mayors.

If he expected to present an image of unity and reconciliation, well, it failed right off the bat with that visual display, a visual disaster that the nice flowers could not hide. I had absolutely no incentive to go any further and switched off the TV.

His speech from what I could gather from the morning news was nothing new. The little bit of any olive branch he might have thrown to the opposition was immediately trampled on by himself. For example, he hinted that Globovision might have a hand in the Altamira shooting last Monday, because "Globovision is always on the scene" or some such sentence. A little bit like saying that CNN is responsible for the Charley disaster in Florida just because it was there, doing its duty as 24 hours news channel... Well, Globo, you are warned! You are next in the line of fire.

That is Chavez drama, he cannot help it, he must always be on the offensive, he must always have an enemy in front. For any sucker that hoped that in victory Chavez would start ruling instead of fighting, well, there is your response. There will be no reconciliation until Chavez destroys all the people that signed/voted against him. Like all the typical autocrats, he will need to reach 99% of the vote before he feels half satisfied.

On other more interesting stuff.

I have been corresponding with a friend that has put some doubts in my mind as to the ability to show unambiguously through statistics that fraud did take place. I mean, he has not debunked the fraud accusation, but it certainly will be more difficult to prove. This is an US friend that has nothing at stake in Venezuela and is only interested by the stats. I will let you know if something comes up from that.

I think that this will be all for today. I need a break and I got a good night of sleep, the first in a week. So for a change I will read, listen to music, exercise, comb my cat and get my place ready as my S.O. is coming next week of a few days of vacation. Long distance relationships are hard but they also give plenty of time for blogging.

See you tomorrow, hopefully Chavez will let me rest today!

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