Monday, September 27, 2004

Shake up at the CNE in Venezuela
Almost live blogging!

Ezequiel Zamora, vice president of the CNE, has just tended his resignation. In his declarations he points out that the CNE cannot keep in its futile 3 to 2 battle serving only one side. He hopes that the other rectors of the CNE will be brought to reflect on the situation and take the appropriate measures.

As I have been writing last week, this was about to come. Tulio Alvarez said it quite clearly: staying inside the CNE in a never changing 3/2 vote, with access denied to many areas of the CNE was eventually making Zamora and Mejias unwilling accomplices. Zamora got the message and decided not to be anymore the "tonto util" (useful fool, hard to translate with its full flavor). It is only too easy to compare the hysterics of Rodriguez and the responsibility and seriousness of Zamora. The passionate defense of Rodriguez yesterday by Chavez only illustrates the old dictum: "the lady does protest too much".

Thank you rector Zamora. Now I know that if you had not been there things would have probably been much worse than they were.

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