Friday, November 19, 2004

Danilo Anderson confirmed dead

UNIONRADIO reproduces the declarations of Interior Ministry as to the forensic confirming that the remains in the bombed car are those of Danilo Anderson.

Public reactions are cascading.

Opposition party are condemning the assasination. Which does not stop the newly appointed director of Caracas security to accuse the opposition of the crime. Well, Barreto gets to demonstrate 5 days after his swearing in what he is made of.

The governmental authorites are gathering fast at the National Assembly. This even includes CNE president Carrasquero. Goes to tell you how scared the establishment is!

The US embassador condemned the agression. But on TV foreign interests are pointed out by some chavista personalities. Sure, why not?

And a popular march is called to honor the new political martyr of the regime.

Esto pica y se extiende!

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