Tuesday, December 28, 2004

A break, with a note, from Venezuelan news

I think that people will understand if I am not too concerned tonight by the latest Venezuelan news, mesmerized as I am by the Indian Ocean tsunamiS. Let's think for a while to what might be the biggest natural disaster that we will see in our life time.

I am also mesmerized by the turn of events in the Ukrainian elections where the previous "result" has basically flipped over, the previous "loser" winning by close the number of the previous "winner". I wonder what would be the result on August 15 if the election were run the way they should have been run, with adequate international supervision. The more days pass the more I think that Chavez did lose and that Carter bailed him out, afraid of the blackmail of disrupting oil supply to the US. If you think that I am crazy look at the new loser of the Ukraine: he has sworn never to accept the result of an election where he does not win. Fascists are the same, in the snow or in the tropics.

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