Thursday, December 16, 2004

Tulio Alvarez to spend Christmas in Venezuela

And New Year in jail?

Emboldened by a now servile judicial system where some thugs found a job, William Lara decided to sue for slander Tulio Alvarez. The reason? Tulio Alvarez asked for an investigation to be opened against William Lara when eh was the chair of the National Assembly. The motive was some illegal budgetary arrangements within the National Assembly. As an immediate consequence Mr. Alvarez is not allowed to leave the country until the trial date.

Instead of investigating something which 1) would have been reasonably easy to investigate and 2) which was obviously of crucial importance, the powers that be filed up the suit somewhere into oblivion. Now that William Lara knows that no High Court ruling will go against him, he can move on with a slander suit, regardless of whether Mr. Alvarez was right or not. After all now any investigation on that subject will find a lily white Lara, of this we are all sure in Venezuela. So why bother waiting for that investigation when you can already slam the messenger? Yep, this is the way fascism operates, shoot the messenger. And if you doubt this you can read the Teodoro Petkoff Tal Cual Editorial of yesterday.

But why go suddenly so strongly against Tulio Alvarez? Well, among many activities to expose the moral misery and corruption of the ruling class, he is the one that wrapped up the damming electoral fraud report on August 15. This report is slowly making its way into foreign countries's foreign offices and even if these countries are not planning any action on Venezuela, the discredit of Chavez in their minds will become a given with time. The best and simple (and simpleton?) strategy is to jail Tulio Alvarez on some minor detail. Just as the Nazi started jailing Jews. Just as Stalin started his purges. You left office with a State pencil that you forgot to put down and you ended up in the Gulag.

Meanwhile Mr. Alvarez is very cool and even declares he will avoid to go to the High Court as there is nothing to look for there if you want justice. Surely a new law suit against him for slander? He seems that he will be enjoying Christmas. I wonder if the newly appointed thugs will, knowing that the country as such contempt for them... But I suppose that thugs are used to that.

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