Monday, January 24, 2005


This blogger will be traveling for business for a while. Since so many things are going on and that I will not be able to blog more than once every couple of days at best,and briefly, I have asked two readers to step in and give me a hand. I have picked these two duqueteers for the following reasons (1):

AM Mora y Leon has been reading for a long time and posting comments quite often. Some people think that I am some rabid conservative just because I oppose the current Venezuelan regime. So I thought it would be interesting to see a true red conservative, one that makes me look like a pinko commie, post for a few days. Perhaps philochavistas will start missing me after that. Though I have been promised moderation, in the style of this blog :-)

Jorge Arena has been corresponding privately with me for a while and can read Spanish quite well, as the name would imply. Thus the day to day run of the news will be covered by Jorge who knows how to scan fast the Venezuelan news and sorts of knows the type of news that I tend to favor. Which of course does not mean that Jorge cannot post personal comments if wished.

I hope that with the three of us the blog will be able to cover all the events that are following fast in Venezuela, while bringing some novelty. The collaboration will end some time in February when I am finally back in San Felipe. I will let the "ghost bloggers" add whatever they wish to add about themselves, if they wish it so.


(1) Sorry, no evil agent of the cardinal of Sabaneta could be hired, not behaved enough. Besides they probably charge the VIO fees to fill my absence and I cannot afford it; this is an all volunteer page.

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