Monday, January 31, 2005

A nice picture of El Supremo

While preparing my next post, I was browsing through the ministry of information web page. I found a picture that very much supports the thesis of “The Eternal Chavez” that I wrote about in a previous post. There is a problem linking to the exact page, so try to access the ministry of information page first, next click on “Alo Presidente” (first icon on your right), click on “entrar” and then click on “respuestas al pueblo” ( first item on the left column). I will not tell you what it reminds me of, but it was so striking that I think that it should be clear for everybody.

Special note. To the efficient MINCI guys: please do not remove the source like you did with “notas en positivo” after I reported some of your good news in my post. I would hate to have to take a snapshot of every single thing that I see in your web pages. Besides it is a very artistic picture. Many thanks!
Jorge Arena.

P.S. Thanks to JF for giving a direct link.

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