Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Carter center back in Caracas, the shame of it

Bwahahahah!!! Gasp! Bwahahahahahahah! (tears of laughter, blogger convulsing on the floor subject to one of the biggest laugh attacks recorded in blogdom).

(Breathe, breathe deeply, garner composure, start writing again)

Today we learn that Jennifer Mc Coy of the Carter Center will brave Venezuela to offer help in consolidating peace and democracy!
The nerve!
What is in store for us? Are they going to approve the new judicial system whose near uniform composition will ensure "peace" through a "uniform justice" (pun intended)? Will they offer to monitor the 2006 elections to validate yet another "fair" Chavez victory? Will they congratulate Jorge Rodriguez from becoming the new president of the C-osa N-ostra E-lectoral? I wonder even how Francisco Díez dared to give an interview on the subject!?

I have a piece of advice for any serious opposition leader: do not meet with them. Let them hang out with chavismo, DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY CAUTION. I can assure you that the opposition electorate will not forgive those who try to make new deals with the Carter Center. Actually, I would suggest that a good way to start the recovery of a prostrate opposition would be to organize a rally to protest the visit of Jennifer McCoy and whoever else is accompanying her.

But seriously dear Carter Center: what can you possibly expect? Have you not learned your lesson already? Don't you know that Chavez will be nice and accommodating just to do as he pleases as soon as you turn your back to him? Who are you trying to fool now? Certainly not the opposition who, I hope, has learned who you are. Really, that is a lot of chutzpah for you guys to come back to Venezuela. Can't you leave good enough alone? What are your real aims? What are you going to offer Chavez now? Are you looking for funds for a new wing for the Carter Center?

Please, please, leave us alone! You have no credit here!!!!!! Even if you were to try to do something to preserve democracy, what can you achieve at this point, having become El Tonto Util of Chavez and having lost any trust from the opposition? Please, get a grip! We all know, from both sides, that you are not here for us, that you are only trying to recover your image overseas. But I doubt it will work: the US press is on to you.

PS: this is written from someone that used to defend you from opposition attacks. I was wrong, they were right.

PS2 (added much later: Miguel has a nice run down of some of the failures of the Carter center mission. Do not miss it!


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