Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Chavez's bolivarian riot breeding! Love child Evo expected in Bolivia!

OK, I could not resist a little bit of yellow journalism but for once it does illustrate quite well some of the behind the scenes actions.

Tonight I was listening to Adolfo Salgueiro in "Alo Ciudadano" now the main opposition talk show in Venezuela, even if considerably subdued courtesy of the new "gag" law and civil code. Adolfo Salgueiro, an old operative of previous Venezuelan administrations, was a guest to comment on the recent Bolivian events now that President Mesa has tended his resignation . Salguiero said something quite stunning. I am quoting from memory the dialogue between AS and El Ciudadano talk show host EC:

AS: we all know that Evo Morales is coming regularly to Venezuela to pick up a money suitcase[noted cocalero leader, runner up to Bolivia presidential election, trying to make it to the top]

EC: do you have evidence?

AS: we all know how those things works: it is not done in front of a notary, no direct evidence is left around. That is the way it was always done.

EC: you did that in the past?

AS: yes, of course, but in our case we were helping democratic movements and it was implied in the 1961 constitution. We succeeded.

And a minute later:

AS: Evo continuous visits are of course to take orders and advice from Chavez and bring pocket money back.

EC: but do you have proof of it?

AS: no, but so is lacking [communication minister] Izarra when he accuses [the US of wanting to kill Chavez]. If he can do it so can I. Lo que es igual no es trampa [What is equal is not cheating, flavor lost in translation]

Now what is extraordinary is the looseness at which all of this is said: nobody doubts that Chavez is supporting Evo Morales in any which way he can and gag law and all, people say it aloud.

But there is good evidence anyway. Sunday before last Chavez had his "Alo Presidente" in Yaracuy, my home state. And Evo Morales was a guest. Evo in Yaracuy? Not to mention that the unfortunate words of Chavez that Sunday were sufficient to start a diplomatic row between Bolivia and Venezuela.

Well, it turns out as it was exposed in Alo Ciudadano tonight that the script of the show is looking strangely a lot like what we are seeing in Bolivia this week as President Meza has handed in his resignation in a political gambit of high stakes (that particular broadcast of Alo Presidente is not on line yet but Evo Morales is already figuring in the web site).

The crisis has been building for quite a while and it seems that showdown time has arrived. So the only question is why is Chavez having such an interest in Bolivia? I can count already 5 reasons:

1- Bolivia is named for Simon Bolivar and of course the Bolivarian Revolution led by Chavez must claim Bolivia not only A.S.A.P., but the first one of the bolivarian countries (bolivarian used in the proper sense as the countries that were liberated by Simon Bolivar from Spain, and not the cheapened sense given to it by Chavez).

2- Bolivia is poor and crisis ridden. Venezuelan oil dollars can get there much more bang for the buck than anywhere else in Latin America.

3- Bolivia is wrought with self doubt over its gas reserves, Chavez can pose as a connoisseur.

4- Bolivia is the most Native American country in South America and thus a prime target for the bolivarian pseudo revolution propaganda needs. Showing cute hat wearing Bolivian Native women chant pro Chavez slogans must the material of sweet dreams for Chavez.

5- And my favorite.Fidel Castro miserably failed with Che Guevara in Bolivia a few decades ago. Though some think that Castro was only too happy to see el Che fail there. For Chavez to bring Bolivia to Havana would be a double coup, not only it would be a nice present for grandpa Castro, but Chavez would prove to be the heir Castro needs as he would outdo Castro. Whether Castro would tolerate Chavez to outdo him is a matter that would be interesting to observe; but I digress.

That Bolivia has huge social problems that predate even the rapaciousness of the Patiño familiy does not deserve discussion. That these problems are at the root of today's crisis is obvious to all. And thus, by the same token, it is idle to speculate as to whether Chavez is financing Evo Morales.


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