Thursday, March 24, 2005

Easter break in Venezuela

We are in our annual Easter Holiday in Venezuela, which for some people started last Saturday and for everyone else except tourism and utilities (though do not expect to have anything fixed) starts today. Caracas will be a semi dead city today and tomorrow except that now we have movies and malls partially open. I suppose that this is the XXI century, but when I was a kid there was not even movie theaters open until Saturday night, and not all of them. But Caracas is of little concern for me, I only stopped for an overnight and I am taking the road again in a couple of hours for a long leisurely and touristy drive back home. Leisurely because you better not speed up as too many drunks drive, and too many security check points stop you along the way. Though there are already a few dozen casualties due to traffic accidents. Carababo state even put up a couple of coffins and a hearse in front of their main toll booth to try to infuse people with fear. I am not sure if that measure will be effective but it surely reflects the subtle diplomacy of the burping general now the anointed Carabobo governor. I'll try to take a picture as I drive in front later.

Thus it will be a low news week end, though with an hysterical chavismo one never knows. One who started his holiday in a bad mood is Izarra, the communication minister, complaining loudly against El Universal Expediente. Must have hit a raw nerve somewhere. He accused EL Universal of lies but I did not hear the word lawsuit. It would be difficult to prove anything one way or another as the recipients of the chavista generosity certainly did not keep a receipt, not to mention that the hired pen syndrome for chavismo has been hanging around for quite a while already. Where there is smoke... I am afraid that Izarra lost a precious opportunity to remain silent as his "performance" only drew even more attention to El Universal research.

Thus are things here, a supposedly triumphant revolution always in the defensive. One wonders why... See you tomorrow.

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