Saturday, March 19, 2005

Urgent action to save nature preserve and biological station in Venezuela

For once this blogger will ask his readers to write.

To write to all of the addresses listed at the end of this important appeal from one of the people responsible for the success of Hato Piñero, the best private effort for ecological preservation in Venezuela, no matter what the propaganda machine of a power drunk chavismo might pretend to demonstrate. Without further ado, check Urgent action to save nature preserve and biological station in Venezuela and act as of your conscience. Let's hope that all the environmental organizations in the US, Canada and Europe or Japan and Oz notice the plight of Hato Piñero. If you are linked to one of them, please send them a forward of your letter. You can also use the envelope button at the bottom of this post to forward this blog page to your ecologically friendly friends.

Dios y la Patria os lo agradecerán.

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