Sunday, April 24, 2005

Venezuelan bloggers keep scoring

Today Alek Boyd gets its very own interview by Roberto Giusti in El Universal. In it he details all the irregularities that he has been uncovering about how the Evas Golingers of chavismo through the VIO offices in Venezuela are trying to organize the Chavez propaganda in the States. Nothing that the readers of this blog did not already know as this writer has been keeping track and reporting of the excellent investigative work made by Alek Boyd.

I would like to stress out that not just anybody gets an interview with Roberto Giusti, one of the foremost Venezuelan journalists. And that it appears in the Sunday paper is even more rewarding for Alek.

If I may pat our collective back, Venezuelan bloggers in the English language have been doing well in the past few months. Besides the great success of Alek in showing part of the ethical misery of the chavista propaganda machine, we cannot forget that Miguel has been getting well deserved exposure in US blogs when he showed how chavismo works its advertisement on photoshop to outright lies. Even through my very humble report on Miguel's work a few days after the fact, he got further boost at Instapundit, showing you how strangely internet works. I have to say that I was not quite reporting on Miguel but on how his discovery had made it to a newspaper, Tal Cual. Instapundit loves when bloggers hit the front pages, so to speak, and Miguel's work did deserve newspaper notice! Not that Instapundit had to wait for me to know Miguel's work: he has been cited several times by Glenn Reynolds in the past, in particular for his economic reports on Venezuela.

Of course I have not uncovered as much as my distinguished colleagues, but still I did get a radio interview by Milagros Socorro, another star reporter as Giusti, who was more interested in what it took to write a blog. For some strange and undeserved reason it seems that my consistency at writing has drawn attention on its own right, even getting me the little white award on the right :-). But also getting me mentioned in El Nacional and an interview with Investor's Business Daily, all interested in what it took to write day in, day out.

We are benefiting from the trust of our readers. Perhaps people are sensing the solidarity among us, that we do not compete but fight together to contribute in preserving the freedom of our country. And without anyone paying us a dime for our efforts. This of course obliges us to keep working and maintain our standards, if not increase them further.

PS: I cannot cover all the great blogging coming from Venezuela: I must limit myself to English language blogs for reasons of format, time available and space. But Spanish language blogs from Venezuela are alive and doing well, thank you. For example Weblog Venezolano who right now requires your vote for the Bitacoras contest :-)


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