Friday, May 27, 2005

Getting a slap in your face from CNN "en español"

I just caught on CNN (Spanish version) an interview of a certain Anderson, in the "economy and finance" segment. He was interviewed as to his opinion on Chavez announcement that he would seek nuclear energy for Venezuela. Highlights:

1) Venezuela does not need it. It has plenty of oil and hydroelectric power

2) It has the cheapest natural gas in the area

3) The USA did not seem to be too moved by the announcement, probably taking it as another "chavez" (used now as a plain word, I assume to describe a wild utterance made on the spur of the moment)

4) Although it was not plainly said it also implied that Venezuela did not have right now the home grown technicians for such a project (and thus the lack of US concern?)

5) And no help was coming from Brazil. Actually they pointed out the speed at which Lula distanced himself from that project, showing the growing estrangement between Itamaraty and Caracas. Apparently the foreign ministry of Brazil is getting fed up with Chavez. That they discussed this casually as if it were old news was quite something to watch! Obviously the chavista propaganda might be reaching me as I did not expect such an open knowledge of Lula impatience...

Anyway, that was quite a slap on Chavez face. I had not realized how degraded his image has gotten in the past couple of months! Heck! Even Spain's Moratinos called today for the EU to send observers for Venezuelan coming elections!!!

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