Monday, November 28, 2005

The CNE has been caught red handed?

As a follow up from last nigth post (do not miss it!), I am pleased to see that the CNE is sensing trouble ahead. Descending from its arrogant position, it is willing to discuss "better" ways to use the finger printing devices. associated with the voting process.

Let me explain, again, you how this is basically bull shit, and I spell it completely on purpose, even if this is a family oriented blog.

The finger printing device per se is not really a problem in that it could indeed catch people trying to vote twice (though the set up of this system is rather extremely expensive for the avowed objective and the results reported so far).

THE PROBLEM with the finger printing device is that it allows for the CNE to figure out who voted for whom, even if disingenuously the CNE claims that all pen drives / memories will be erased in no more than 72 hours. ANYONE who has used a pen drive or portable memory device knows very well that copying to it from a computer, or an electronic voting machine, will take only a few minutes. WHO IS GOING to make sure that no one comes around in that 72 hours delay to copy the confidential information? The sold out Venezuelan army? The CNE more than sold out personnel? Pleaaaase.....

This is far from being resolved and a stormy meeting at the CNE this afternoon can be anticipated.

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