Friday, November 18, 2005

Great moments in the republican separation of powers

So you have one of the 5 Venezuelan powers in trouble. What do you do? Bring in another of the powers to make some outlandish charges and distract attention. You are allowed to be so brazen in that action that you can even bring in the head of the helping power to clear up any possible doubt that there might be a separation of powers in Venezuela.

The details now

Isaias Rodriguez, Prosecutor General of the nation, is in trouble. As extensively reported in this very page , the Anderson case does not even deserve anymore the title of opera buffa (one of the posts on that subject). In fact, words fail me to qualify the show set up by Isaias. The attorney, part of the 4th power which to date we wonder if it has any other function but to protect corrupt public servants, is looking quite strained under the constant calls for his resignation, deserved calls just for his sheer incompetence in setting up such a lousy show. (1)

Obviously the public relations problem created by Isaias is becoming so bad that a new charge is brought for to justify jailing Mezerhane, and, might as well, jailing a few more that have been covering so unflatteringly Isaias mediocrity. The chosen messenger is no one else than the president of the National Assembly, Nicolas Maduro. This man is of such limited abilities that as a Caracas Metro employee he failed in stirring serious trouble in the Metro Union where he was sent to enroll in as a trouble maker. He had to wait for Chavez to pick him up to start a career in legal delinquency. He knows where his loyalties are as he knows full well, and to his credit, that by himself he would have never made it even to night usher of the National Assembly. Now, well, he is the chair and lives well, displaying a rather puffy face. He pays back his employer by uttering any nonsense according to the moment, and passing any tasteless law that seems necessary, even calling the Nazional Guard if required to shut down opposition legislators. It is this fine democrat that added a new piece to the Mezerhane story today, where supposedly he tried to buy the judge last Monday night with three million dollars (cash, I think).

Just right there how come Maduro is the one letting on the Prosecutor office of such actions? How did he learn about that? Is that his role? Is that his role to even announce it publicly instead of sending the tip to the appropriate authority? Is it that Isaias is crumbling under so much ridicule that Maduro decided to shoulder some of the burden?

So, according to the information “revealed” today, this would be the story of Mezerhane trying to kill Anderson.

Mezerhane, successful, wealthy Jewish banker, and media player, and businessman in Venezuela felt compelled to eliminate prosecutor Anderson (for motives that have yet to be disclosed; the motives! The motives someone! Quick!). To do that he went to some meeting in some jungle outside of Venezuela where he all but handed his business card around. Then the prosecutor was blown to pieces. Cunningly Mezerhane decided to have his media outlet, Globovision, promote for a year a campaign to demand the government to investigate the Anderson case. Lo and behold! Isaias after one year suddenly declares that Mezerhane is one of the intellectual authors (among about a dozen or so, all vouched for by the sole accounting of a psychotic Colombian witness). Mezerhane “hides” for a few days while his lawyers inquire within. Quickly chavismo has rumors flying that Mezerhane bailed out of the country. But surprise, the guy surrendered Monday morning. One would expect that this surrender would signify a normal prosecution of the investigation while the guy, convinced of his innocence nicely stays in jail expecting for a favorable result. But no! Apparently he threatened one of the prosecutors that took his deposition. Yes, Mezerhane went to jail so he could insult a prosecutor. And that is not all. According to Maduro on Monday night, Mezerhane attended a reunion where he offered 3 million dollars to the judge in charge to let him go free by sabotaging the dossier.

Unfortunately for Maduro, this already absolutely unbelievable tall tale blew up on his face as he was speaking at a press conference. One reporter asked how come Mezerhane could attend that meeting since he was already in jail. Maduro, obviously at a loss (see the precious Globovision video of it), obviously confused and on drugs (he seems to have a bad cold and charitably I attribute that particular bout of incompetence to some anti cold medicine) took a while until he realized what the words of the journalist meant. Eventually he mumbled some avoidance words that were sterlingly unconvincing.

That was not all. A little bit later the head of Globovision offered to trade places with Mezerhane, and pointed out that he could not have been to some of the activities that Maduro described because, duh!, he was at work with 200 or so witnesses. Major blow in the face to Maduro. Another blow, by the way, is that apparently Mezerhane tried to buy a judge that had already been fired from his case. I mean, reallly, how stupid can Mezerhane be? But since this was all a prepared set up, of course, Isaias went ahead anyway with the plan and was prompt in announcing an investigation on the whole business. I suppose that "fishy" is in the eye of the beholder.

No words on why would Mezerhane surrender just to offer three million dollars a few hours after when he could have left the country with the money and live safely and comfortably for the rest of his days…

My take? Do I really need to convince the reader that this is a set up where chavista lackeys act together, without any regard to the position they occupy in the Republic, to find an excuse to close up Globovision, the real target in this whole sad show?

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1) Isaias forms part of the 4th power of the 1999 constitution, the Citizen Power or Moral Power. Together with the Ombudsmen and the Comptroller he is in charge of making sure that the laws of the land are followed and do not hurt the citizen. But since this infernal trio is in office corruption has never been so unbridled and the citizen so unprotected.

Note: Stig at Albacom has posted the video of Brownfield interview. I hope that soon he will treat us with the Maduro video moment of the journalist unmasking him. Stay tuned!

Note 2: Stig has come through. There is the Maduro video!!! Do not miss it and observe how puffy and distant Maduro is. Observe also how he tries to dodge the journalist doing her work after she nailed him. Those are our public officials, spreading lies and refusing to furnish the proof or to account for themselves. ¡Que sabroso!

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