Friday, December 16, 2005

And we have a winner

I am elated to announce that Miguel did win the WizBang beauty contest. And Alek made it to second position, thus ensuring a clean sweep for Venezuelan English written blogs. No small feat, if you ask me. Plus, of course yours truly on top last year. It seems that Venezuela is drawing more and more attention as Chavez tramples us more and more.

There are additional good news. This year total votes for Miguel was almost as big as the TOTAL vote of last year. That indicates a growing interests for blogs about what goes on South of the Border (or across the ocean depending from which anglo speaking country you look at us). Cuba through my friend Val came in second both times, which, if you think of it, is pretty good as it has no oil, not as many people as Venezuela, only a senile dictator that somehow still manages to make some lefty loonies salivate. The conclusion of course is that people are aware that Castro is a dictator, that Chavez is his Mini.Me and that critics are stronger than apologists. A footnote: in Africa nad Middle East category, This is Zimbabwe made it third, only to Iraqi blogs in the middle of the storm. And the readers of this blog know how much sympathy I have for the Mugabe opressed folks, an evil opression if any after Castro, with Chavez a good "friend" of Mugabe to our never ending shame.

Finally, this year we beat the UK, Europe, Australia and Canada categories, only behind Asia and Middle East Africa.

Congratulations Miguel and Alek.

Now I have to move to a less prominent position my last year tag....

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