Friday, December 09, 2005

Chavismo unhinged?

Today Venezuela looked like a bad chapter of a Garcia Marquez book. Realismo magico gone awry. (and with most links in English!)

While the extremely grave matter of the La Guaira bridge collapsing took the front pages, the government representatives started playing some obscure and hysterical game that made no sense. Actually, suspicious minds like this blogger might think that the Carreño show was a way to distract from the imminent collapse of the most strategic road of Venezuela, a disaster foretold since even before Chavez came too office but who this last one allowed to get worse and worse (negligence? inability to share contracts? corruption? not a vote gaining project?).

Miguel has done a spectacular article on the vital importance of that bridge. Thus I can concentrate on the tasteless show help today at the National Assembly. This show was about the uncovering of a conspiracy that was supposed to include the abstention of voting day, to destabilize the regime, all financed by the US president George BUSSSS (pejorative Spanish pronunciation registered by Chavez in his incessant litanies). Apparently with some bazooka, a few guys and some guns they were going to take over three barracks and provoke some general disorder while the opposition leadership would be boycotting the election.

Well, maybe Bush has nothing else to do but to lose sleep over Venezuela but the way it was presented, well, it is all B.S. big time. Why? Well this plain blogger detected, quite fast, several problems with the show.
  • Why was it announced by some parliamentarian instead of the state security apparatus?
  • Why was it the same bazooka that appears anytime there is some “evidence” shown on an attack against Chavez? Are those bazookas that easily available? Where can I get to shot the noisy parties of my neighbors that refuse to tone down after midnight?
  • Why was the bazooka at the National Assembly free to handle for the august state representatives? Was there not some need for protection of the evidence, undue finger prints, etc? Do these people ever watch C.S.I.?
  • Why was Pedro Carreño, the least credible person in Venezuela, promoting that bad show? Yes, the Pedro Carreño that said Direct TV had placed cameras in the decoders to spy people at home. The Pedro Carreño who said he knew that Montesinos had been shot in Peru while he was in fact hiding in Venezuela.
Any psychologist that would have watched the shifty eyes of Carreño and the cracking voice of Cilia Flores (more Silly Flores than ever, as nicknamed by long time reader Calypso) would have guessed that these people were lying deliberately.

So why such an impossible show? The accused opposition leadership wasted no time in daring Silly and Carroña to put up with names and real evidence or shut up. No reply of course. And there will be no reply. This is all a show but such a bad show that one is perplex at trying to understand what could motivate them to do such a show in front of International Observers. Do they think that these ones are going to buy that crap? That they are going to change their minds about the real causes of abstention? That millions of Venezuelans were into such an unlikely coup d’etat? Or did they knew the La Guaira bridge was about to collapse so they distracted attention by sacrificing any rest or reputation they might have had?

Since when a winning coalition behaves in such a way? Or it is really a winning coalition? Or perhaps is it due that SUMATE announced that it liked the OAS and EU preliminary reports?

I am sure that the EU and OAS must be in an urge to leave Venezuela, if anything before the bridge collapses and the trek to the airport goes from one hour to 5 hours…

Meanwhile, to top it off, the US ambassador was booed in Margarita, the tourist island where some local low life mayor decided to try to score some brownie points with the Silly Carroñas of this world.

Garcia Marquez could not come up with a day like today.

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