Friday, February 10, 2006

What to do with Venezuela

What to do with Venezuela (complete, for the time being that is)
* Introduction
* Part 1: Chavismo in turmoil (posted)
* Part 2: The opposition turmoil (posted)
* Part 3: An opposition balance sheet (posted)
* Part 4: Chavez electoral strategy (posted)
* Part 5: How could the opposition capitalize on its recent success?
* Part 6: The CNE problem (posted)
* Conclusion (posted)
Note: this scheme might change some as I keep writing and posting.

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Often enough this blogger has been challenged to offer his solutions to deal with the crisis in Venezuela. I have never felt that it was my role, there are politicians for that and as a blogger my role was to point out the flaws and inherent contradictions within the different proposals. This was considered weak by some, strange by others. But it does have certain advantages: I can pretend to some objectivity as I avoid any self-serving project, the only one holding dear to my heart being the removal of Chavez from office by democratic means. But times have changed, and so this blog and its aims must also change.

During the next few days I will write a quick review of the present political situation which has dramatically changed after December 4, 2005. And then I will offer what could be a possible plan for the opposition to mount a credible challenge for December 2006. Of course I have no illusions that such a plan might even be read by the powers that be, but at least at some point through 2006 I will be able to write "I told you so!". Meager consolation perhaps, but these days one must take what can be reached.

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